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  1. Since we have the wonderful limited edition reference thread I thought this would be fitting.

    First a little caveat about the limited edition thread. We ONLY included lines that were limited edition for ONE season. We found many lines/styles that we thought were one season, were actually multiple seasons. In addition, we only included womens' handbags.

    We will update that thread every season. As new lines are released we will update. We don't want to jump the gun though and post on bags that have not officially been released yet. So keep checking back!

    We sincerely hope that you will use that thread as your first stop when looking at/for bags. For example, if you see something on ebay and your not sure if it ever existed...come check here!

    And again...a BIG HUGE shout out to Habibty for all of her knowledge and pictures!!!! And also a big shout out to Label Addict for her help as well!!!

    OK...the first comment: F/W 2005 was an amazing season...OMG those bags!
  2. Excellent job you guys!!!
  3. Round of applause to you, Habibty, and Label Addict! Thank you so much for doing all this fantastic work!!
  4. Thanks for such a huge effort. Twiggers, - thanks for coordinating this. Habbity and Label Addict, - you're a fountain of LV knowledge! Amazing!!!

    Ditto about FW05. Love all the bags from that season!
  5. thank you for such an awesome thread, twiggers, habibty, and label addict!!!!!

    one thing i noticed is that there are SO many LE lines, i had no idea!!!!

    i really liked the denim chinchilla bags among others.
  6. :blush: aww thanks guys the thread looks amazing!! I will most certainly be using it in the future.

    I'd like to add a big shout out to ValleyOppessed too
  7. Yessssss....ValleyOppressed was a huge help as well! As was LVBabyDoll (Rebecca)!
  8. yes thanks everyone for your help! :biggrin::biggrin:
  9. This thread is seriously bad for my wishlist! I've been compiling the 'ultimate' collection list (well ultimate for my income LOL...otherwise alligator steamers would be on my list LOL).....and this thread is so bad. Bags I didn't know existed before...UGH
  10. Great thread, ladies! Thanks a million for all your efforts!
  11. Twiggers, I am blaming you for my LE obsession now! LOL:graucho: Just reviewing the LE thread is making me want to buy only LE from now on or at least add more LE bags to my list of my "regular" LV needs such as the black denim Neo Cabby, the Azur Berkeley, the white Suhali Le Fab....on and on and on....:sweatdrop:
  12. Lol thanks but I wasn't really that big of a help haha. :P
    Anyway the thread is amazing!
  13. Thanks everyone!!!
    Pursenut: I totally know what you mean!!! It is pure evil this thread.....absolutely!

  14. :lol: Ain't that the truth!!
  15. three cheers for the LE thread!! :yahoo:
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