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  1. I don't know if your question has been answered. But I would suggest to post this w/ all the required pics at:
  2. (D) square is 12 " sorry !! I Think in cm
  3. In 2006 (Fall) LV came out with a suede handbag in both a grey color and a maroon color. They were so pretty. Were these LE bags? I looked all over the forum but am not seeing a reference to them.
    Anyone remember this design?
  4. i bought this LV speedy monogram 40 from a trusted friend seller in japan who sold me this second hand speedy mono 40. i was just wondering why the leather strap opposite the one with the keyring which should bear the words -LOUIS VUITTON on the first line, PARIS on the second line, and MADE IN FRANCE on the lowest line - only has LOUIS VUITTON on it. nothing else. the hardwares and all look authentic, and i have since sold the bag to another friend. but still im worried that i might have sold someone a knock off? but i trust my friend who sold it to me. can it be that LV in japan ( the old ones) could have some items like the one i mentioned? pls help. i dont have the said item with me anymore.
  5. Has anyone posted pictures of Spring 2012 yet?
  6. Hello, all! Was in my favorite local LV botique here in Tokyo the other day and was introduced to a Neverfull Monogram MM with ivory stripes. (Imagine the width of the personalized stripes on special orders spaced at about 2 inch vertical intervals.) I was told that it was a Special Edition only available in select stores in Japan. Have other botiques in other countries had the same design? (Here in Japan it's available in the Neverfull Monogram MM and Noe Monogram.) Needless to say, I couldn't pass up on the find and bought the NF... Last one they had & it had only been in store for 2 days... Was wondering if different countries had different colors...
  7. I think you are talking about the Rayure. There have been some reveals in the general LV forum.
  8. Can anyone tell me how "rare" the 2006 havane stamped bowler is in grey? I read that it is very rare, then ebay has one listed for 1600. Seems that the price would go UP if it truely is hard to find. Any help appreciated...
  9. Hello, I'm new and not sure if this is right place for this question. Excuse me if it's not-sorry. Has anyone seen the limited edition 2012 'Sherleen' yet from Louis Vuitton?
  10. Should we post pics of the rayures vernis in the ref library? What would they fall under...what do the valentine's collections class as?
  11. Zippy Illustre Damier Ebene (lavender lining)

    It's probably not relevant but I'm just curious. How come the other zippy wallets in the illustre line all have a squared inner coin zipper pull, whereas the damier ebene one has an elongated oval shaped one? In the photos from the sticky and the LV website, you can see the pulls look different. I recently purchased mine in damier and it came with a square pull.

    What gives?

  12. Hi,

    Does anyone own this bag? Any problems with it over time? I am considering purchasing a gently used one.

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