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  1. I don't know where you're located but I took 2 of my 3 Nudo rings to Pomellato store this morning and they are resizing them (bigger) because in the years my fingers have swollen a bit and they are too small. It costs 160 euros each one and will take 7/8 weeks. I'm in Italy by the way.
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  2. Here are my 3 Nudo, regular size: The green and the Amethyst are the ones I'm having resized.

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  3. Interesting. I was told when I got mine years ago they couldn’t be made smaller. Maybe to make smaller you’d have to bend the circle so much that the stone would pop off its platform, but enlarging the ring wouldn’t affect that.
  4. Thank you- good to know this. I did not ask when I bought mine but reassuring. I also forgot to Ask if I need any special polishing cloths, I think they included some with the purchases.
  5. hi everyone, need some "biased" help...

    I am getting my first piece of luxury jewellery. I was set on a London topaz nudo ring when I discovered that Cartier is increasing their prices next week. I was hoping to get a JUC bracelet in a few years, but now I happen to be in the place where I can claim a tax refund for this.

    I am torn! nudo ring is less expensive, more rare (though cartier pieces are very rare in general where I live).
    JUC in rose gold is divine as well. I need them both in my life but.. in which order?

    JUC first before the increase? Nudo ring? I want an investment piece that i will enjoy every day.
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