Pomellato Rings

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  1. I fear you are quite right. :biggrin: They are unbelievably beautiful and love their good energy. I was never comfortable with diamonds but these are just lovely. Are you planning on getting another one?
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  2. :hbeat::hbeat:
    Haha...I am not sure. But hey, never say never :hbeat: especially if it’s a gift.
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  3. B1A268E4-5470-4628-B1EF-FFEF8B90D467.jpeg B1A268E4-5470-4628-B1EF-FFEF8B90D467.jpeg Choosing was so hard!
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  4. I have the green one.
  5. Let’s see some photos...

    Attached Files:

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  7. Beautiful! Is this the maxi or the absolute? I find these rings SO mesmerising. The green I saw was probably more light green.
  8. Hmmm.. according to the website I think it’s the maxi. I bought it in Italy some years ago. It was the 10th anniversary of the Nudo ring and they made the big one to commemorate the occasion. There was only 2 sizes available. The stone is prasiolite. It’s a khaki color. Goes with everything.
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  9. 044F0ED7-6925-41EA-9E62-99D84A206937.jpeg
    There are four sizes now, I should have taken a comparison photo at the boutique. They keep getting bigger & bigger - I guess they know they are on to a good thing. :biggrin:
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  10. FF14775A-A4F5-4BD8-8533-B5AB417CD00E.jpeg
  11. I have 2 nudo amethyst - one classic size and one petit. I like wearing the same color together, I got too confused trying to find the perfect color combination for me. The stones are totally different anyway - one darker and brighter and the other softer and more lavender. I'll post pics soon.
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  12. 634B35CC-EB5B-49EC-A1BE-7642E95ECAF2.jpeg two sizes of amethyst
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