Pomellato Rings

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  1. I am very interested to get a ring and visited the boutique in london. Tempted by the classic nudo ring, if any of you own one in any colour stone please share your thoughts and photos. It’s quite expensive but stunning...
  2. Im also trying to find time to go to their store in London. How was the stock, do they have everything that’s on the website and more? I can’t comment on Nudo because I only own M’ama non M’ama ring and have to say it’s made beautifully. I’m only reserved about their stones, mine is chipped in two places. But it could be bacuse I wasn’t careful enough. ;)
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  3. I have several Pomelato pieces. If your getting your first ring then get the plain one. If you like it then you can gradually build a stack with another plain plus a diamond band one. I agree with the other posts that the diamond band only works when stacked.
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  4. [​IMG]

    My stack (old photo), but just wanted to be helpful! I accrued them over a few years, it was so hard to pick colors, they are all so pretty.
  5. Oh no! What stone do you have? That’s one of the things that worries me about these rings, with the stones sitting outside protective settings.
  6. I know it sucks but applies to all the gems, they need to be handled with care. Unless perhaps when they’re in a basket setting like Lisa Eldridge’s rings for example.
    I have the moonstone and honestly have no idea how I managed to chip it because M’ama rings are quite secure, would even say less chipping opportunities than Nudo...
    Now, please don’t let my experience deter you. Pomellato rings are true eye candy and beautiful addition to one’s jewellery collection!
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  7. It’s very good . They have everything and It’s nice to try things on. I would not be comfortable buying something so expensive on line without first, trying it on. I haven’t got a ring yet but got a catalogue and sleeping on it...
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  8. Thank you for posting this/ just what I needed for encouragement!!!! Though just going to get the one.
  9. The boutique told me the Nudo rings can’t be resized because of the design. It’s imperative you try on the rings in person before you buy
  10. My Moonstone and Iolite
  11. I visited the boutique for a second time and now I am set on the nudo ring. However I can’t decide on size and colour of stone... usually these rings are worn as a stack but I am only getting the one, so it needs to look good on its own 94A8E363-DCA8-4589-9814-51690F13632D.jpeg
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  12. A555DA6E-BBAD-47D7-BCF0-7A3FCCC458AA.jpeg
  13. I like the purple one because it’s richer colour, the green one disappears more.
    Think about things like: your birthstone, gems energy, your wardrobe, will out be wearing it daily or in special occasions... Both rings beautiful though! Please post pix when u get it
  14. The purple is amethyst the green is prasiolite. But I also liked the lemon quartz not shown here... anyone has that?
  15. If you are only getting one nudo, then maybe the larger size nudo is the way to go. If you think you’d want to add a second nudo down the road, then I’d go with the smaller size. I personally like 2 small size nudo rings stacked in complementary colors. It’s more modern and cool to my eyes. The length of your finger and skin color should also be taken into consideration. You want the color(s) to pop. Good luck with your decision!
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