Pomellato Rings

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  1. Hello everyone! Hope you all survived Xmas! I had my eye on Pomellato rings for a while and mentioned to my husband that it would be a nice Xmas present. He likes the M’ama non M’ama one; whilst I like the ones with the diamonds on the side. When I tried it on, I kind of fell in love cause it just looked so sparkly! DH likes the plain one as he thinks it’s more elegant, whilst the other one he says the diamonds looks like Swarovski and takes the attention away from the topaz. I didn’t get it for Xmas as it was just way too much pressure and too hectic. Now I have time for a breather, I can take a little time to choose! What’s your opinion and which one do you all like ? 1 or 2? IMG_9088.JPG IMG_9089.JPG
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  2. 22222
  3. I'm usually all about the bling but in this case, I'm with your husband.
    The diamonds are distracting and take away from the modern vibe of the gold and stone ring.
    Number 1 has my heart. Great ring - enjoy!
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  4. I like the no diamond one as well. It’s iconic Pomellato.
  5. Agree with your DH that #1 is far more elegant. Good luck in choosing!
  6. No1
    Simple elegant and classic
  7. I prefer the first one but you have to follow your heart! Don’t ever buy something for yourself because someone else likes it. You’ll regret it
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  8. I like the first one.
  9. I love the whole Mama non Mama line! The diamond encrusted ones have a smaller central stone. They are perfect for stacking imo but may have less impact on their own? So perhaps the first one unless you are planning on building a stack.

    Have you seen the ones with brown diamonds on the side? They are a slightly different shape and lovely too. Not to complicate matters! Essentially the whole line is stunning and you can’t really go wrong.
  10. # 1 !
    I agree with your husband.
  11. The plain one for sure. It is iconic Pomellato. Pomellato rings are meant to be about the center gemstone and the design. If you want diamond bling, I would choose another brand. I agree with your husband the diamonds cheapen the look. To me, it’s not iconic Pomellato anymore and looks like an ordinary ring.
  12. I love Pomellato jewellery and just got a pair of earings for Christmas. I would simply love to purchase a ring in the future, they are stunning! Like most people here I prefer the plain one with a single stone, no diamonds.... and please anyone lucky enough to own a ring post some photos!

    Hope you are all enjoying a festive break!
  13. I like the simple elegance of the first one best. The simple modern design showcases the beautiful topaz IMO.
    Best of luck deciding!
  14. Thank you all! DH is kind of smug everyone agrees with him! And I see it now as well.
    @shinyshiny, the SA also showed me the brown diamonds one, but it didn’t look good on my hand cause of my slightly darker skin tone.
    So, the first one it is. Yes, you are all right and I’m so glad to post here before buying. Happy 2019 everyone, love & light to you all
  15. Wonderful!! Do post a pic when you get it.