Pomellato Rings

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  1. Checking in on this again to see if anyone else has experience with nudo rings. They look very beautiful in person but I do wonder how wearable they really are.
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  2. The only negative, and I only realized this months later, was that they don’t fit under gloves. I wear gloves a lot sooner and longer than most people since my hands are cold.
  3. I tried it with a glove and it seems to work ok. I also wear gloves most of the year, but a little loose.
  4. I have smaller than average hands and hate if there’s space at the top of my fingers in a glove, so I don’t have loose gloves but I probably should buy a pair like that so I can wear those rings!!! Thanks for the tip. I can’t believe I never thought of doing that![emoji253]
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  5. I wear mine constantly. Mostly to work and out at night. I don't wear them when shopping (never to the supermarket!) because the stone sits so high. I don't want to bang it.
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  6. I wear my nudo with diamonds ring about 2 to 3 times a week. To work, to dinner or to shopping. Very comfortable and not getting in my way at all.

    Here’s a pic taken a while ago.

  7. Thank you so much to everyone who took the trouble to respond especially with photos. I’ve just splashed out on one and looooove it.
  8. Ohhh! Modelling pictures?
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  9. D2B11B21-4470-4C46-8E73-0105F587E8F0.jpeg Here’s my stack, acquired them over 5 years.
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  10. Beautiful. What gems are they? [emoji253]
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  11. Thank you. I have London Blue Topaz, Red Garnet and Rose De France. All in rose gold and the stones are in the medium size. All were birthday or anniversary gifts from my dear hubby :blush:
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  12. They are amazing. Wear them in good health [emoji253]
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  13. Thank you! Have a great weekend :tup:
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  14. final.jpg
    Your collection is just beautiful! Breathtaking!!! Here is my solo as requested
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  15. Congrats! You have the XL London Blue Topaz? Very lovely :heart: to have 1 big statement piece. I am sure you will have more to add in the near future :graucho: I didn’t expect to have more than 1 in my collection.
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