Polène handbags

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  1. Beautiful collection. Is the Numero Un heavy to carry once you put your items inside?
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  2. I don't think so as the crossbody option helps alleviate the weight and I tend to not carry much out. In the Numero Un I usually have a long wallet, keys, phone, lipstick, and sunglasses in a soft case so I don't notice the weight but I'm also pretty minimalist with what I bring! My Celine Mini Belt Bag and Micro Luggage seem heavier than the Numero Un (granted they're also larger), but those only have a shoulder strap (Belt) or hand carry only (Luggage) option.
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  3. Very informative, thank you! I’m still debating...
  4. I just got my first Numero Un in trio sand today. While I love the overall construction, I'm not a huge fan of the suede. Is it supposed to look like this? 20200513_210036.jpg 20200513_210015.jpg 20200513_210027.jpg
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  5. That doesn’t look right to me.....and I’m a big fan of Polene’s quality. I would contact them and forward some photos. I have always found them lovely to deal with both online and in boutique.
    Let us know what happens!
  6. Thank you . Yes, the Numero Sept is definitely not the biggest bag, mostly due to the shape and design. Having said that it’s a really beautiful bag and I think you should definitely add to your collection one day. I find that the Numero Un fits quite a lot, especially with the option to open the front snaps. If I have time this week I am going to post some pictures of what fits in the Un, Un nano, Deux, Sept, and Sept mini. I hope that will be helpful to anyone deciding between bags
  7. Loving all the photos of Polene bags! New to the brand after discovering it here last year... the free shipping + free gift for posting after confinement offer was too tempting and bought a numero un mini in grey, which has just arrived and I absolutely love it!! Great quality leather, stitching and hardware - the brushed gold is so lux and the shape is so unique!

    I agree with previous comments regarding their grey - the website makes it look like a cool grey, but it is definitely a warm taupe-y grey IRL... which is gorgeous and suits my bag collection colour palette better so yay!

    There was no protective sticker on the hardware which I thought was a little strange - I’m one of those who leaves it in place FOREVER haha - but equally the bag was super well packed with no chance of scratches in transit.

    Photos include mod shots attached for your viewing pleasure - and because I love it so much! The colour is v hard to photograph accurately, have included photos in slightly different lights. The colour IRL is probably closest to the pic of it on the black chair. For reference I’m 157cm/around 5ft2”.

    I doubt this will be my last Polene - am eyeing the burnt orange numero un mini and convinced my friend to buy the navy

    A850A267-023D-4DF4-855B-95DC9DCD1E83.jpeg 141B69FB-97A6-4195-B182-0E8E9300081D.jpeg 3DD5368E-0F1B-4B8E-902E-D970FD68A2D2.jpeg 16198583-9BC6-4746-8C72-14A36B15A69B.jpeg D673546E-9903-42E7-A5CA-D48CA9B7748A.jpeg 91BA79F5-6727-4586-A007-3E0D21493059.jpeg B223036C-9481-40FA-B7E7-5F5FF8260393.jpeg
  8. Yay my numero uno in grey just arrived today as well!! Great timing as I was having a terrible day lol. I received the lilac card case as my free gift. I echo what everyone else says about the taupe-ness of the grey; I was definitely prepared for it from reading everyone else’s reviews, but it is surprising when seeing those photos of the other grey polene items against it! Although I truly wanted a cooler grey toned bag, I still absolutely adore this color and everything about this bag!! I have to say that unboxing this felt every bit as luxurious as unboxing my first Louis Vuitton bag, and for only $420!! This brand is seriously such a steal, and I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. I was even able to fit my laptop (albeit I have the surface pro which is pretty slim and slender) with the buttons undone (laptop is in it in first pic) and it doesn’t look bulky or feel too heavy at all ! What do you guys think with the twilly look - it was my first time ever tying one but I actually kind of like the asymmetrical look? Now if only I could go take this baby out somewhere :doh:

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  9. So beautiful! I would have three of these if the chain were longer for crossbody wear.
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  10. I really like the twilly and of course the bag. They go together quite well.
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  11. thank you!
  12. Thank you! But oh dear you’re giving me ideas... why stop at one?! :biggrin:

    The crossbody length luckily is ok for me, plus I tend to wear my crossbody bags on one shoulder usually anyway :smile:

    I haven’t even tried to put my stuff in it yet haha, because sadly as @ATLbagaddict said, if only there was somewhere for us to take these lovely bags out! Hopefully soon :yes:
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  13. Just curious...did the true color of the bag show up in the picture?
  14. Yeah, until then we'll just have to prance around the house with them.

    I think someone on tpf was able to get a longer strap made for the un mini at mautto.com. I may have to do that because these minis are gorgeous!
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  15. I think so! I took it in pretty natural lighting (bedroom gets a lot of sunlight during the day) and I think it captures the taupe-ish shade of it. @lyxxx035 's photos with the other grey polene items against the numero un in grey really highlight the differences well too!
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