Polène handbags

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  1. I just stumbled across this brand via a Facebook ad, actually. I did a search and nothing came up in this forum.
    I LOVE this bag. Does anyone have anything from this brand?
    Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 12.08.02 AM.png
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  2. I don't but I love their bags. They are made in Europe, prices are very reasonable.
    The bag in the picture looks awesome.:heart::heart:
  3. Hi, have you ever bought anything from them? That bag looks gorgeous! What'a the price range usually? Thank you. I just came across this post and saw this bag - it has a luxury look!
  4. The bag in the picture is called the Numéro 1. It's made in Spain. It costs €330.
    They also have the Numéro 3 which looks like the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag. €350.
    I saw them on their website. I am interested in both bags though I don't own one yet....;)

  5. The one pictured is 330 Euros, as Mariapia said, so about $375. I'm not sure about shipping/customs. I plan to order one very soon, probably the color pictured. I would love to hear from anyone who owns this brand or this bag to see about quality. It looks a bit like the Lancel Charlie bag, which I also love but is much more expensive.
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  6. I read about this line from a blogger (I'd need to look for it); I stumbled upon it by accident while looking for Everlane product reviews. :lol: From what I remember of what she said, the quality is decent, especially for the price point. If I find it I'll link it. She had the Numero Un bag; I just remembered it because like you, it reminded me of Lancel but much cheaper. :girlsigh:
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  7. Yes, ladies, It looks like the Lancel Charlie bag..
    Anyway, there are lots of bloggers who talk about Poléne.
    The bags are reasonably priced because you can only find them on line which reduces the cost of course....:smile:
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  8. I think I'll start following this brand; I hope they expand their line of products. I would love to have a mini version of the Numero Un bag to use as a cute evening/errands bag. :loveeyes:
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  9. Deux looks like a great casual/everyday bag!

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  10. I've liked these bad for a while. I thought I had seen them mentioned on TPF(?).

    I like these better than the Lancel. The bag has more personality. And the flap is adorable too. @iluvbagsnshoes - the burgundy is truly gorgeous!!!
  11. Agreed! Aside from the price and not being able to see one in person, I was concerned that the Lancel bag would get droopy as soon as you put something in it. This one looks more structured. I still haven't pulled the trigger as I'm waiting for some of my bags to sell!
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  12. Please post photos and a review when you do get one!
  13. I was seriously thinking of buying No. 1 but opted for Ferragamo. I found rave reviews (in French) only but I guess most of them were gifted to bloggers when they launched their brand.
  14. I have a Ferragamo Sofia as well- it's clear that I like this shape! I was hoping that someone on this site had one and could give a review, but everything I've heard/read so far has been positive. Someone did post about the No. 1 on purseblog- a recent thread about what bag they would get if they had $3. She loved it.
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  15. Could you share the link to the post? I am curious but I cant find the post. Thanks!