Please help me pick out my first Cartier watch!!

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Which cartier watch should i get???

  1. Santo

  2. Tank

  3. Roadster

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. ahhhhhh...they are all so beautiful:buttercup:, its so hard to choose one...i wish i could get them all, but i'm not a collector, so i think more than 2 watches for me is just a waste:sweatdrop: I fell in love with the Santo since i saw thegracefull's pic, i think its a very classic and dressy watch and i can totally see myself wearing it even in my 30-40s. The Roadster is totally me (20s), it goes with my current wardrobe, causal but still classic.
  2. OK, update - if I was still in my 20s (like you) I'd go for Roadster as my first Cartier, and then in my 30s (like me) I'd get Tank. :smile: I don't know exactly why but I never was crazy about Santos, just not my style I guess. I'm not a watch collector either but having a couple different ones sounds about right, especially since there are so many beautiful watches out there now! :tender:
  3. seems that the Roadster is getting really popular now!! It really surprises me that not many ppl like the santos, i thought its one of the classics from Cartier.....

    Thanks, JackieG:heart:~I like the Roadster better than the tank (stainless steel), the roadster is more unique, the tank you can see everywhere....
  4. I have both the tank and the roadster (pink face), and I am in my late 20s. I wear my (small size, all steel) tank 99% of the time. I love both but the tank is so sleek and lightweight, it is actually far more comfortable to wear. The roadster is beautiful but feels heavy/chunky on the wrist and is fairly prone to scratching on things.
    If choosing the tank I would definitely vote for the all steel. I think this watch looks more classic/simple in all one metal. I think the mixed 2 tone breaks up the style of the watch unnecessarily. That's just my opinion. I think the steel watch and YG love bracelet would be beautiful together!
  5. Hmm...if choosing the tank, i don't think i would get the all steel one, its just too plain IMHO...hehe, i'm so used to my bling-bling J12:shame: The Roadster is kinda similar to the J12, sporty size wise. The 2-tone Santo and Tank are quite different from what i have, and i think either one will go nicely with my growing YG jewelry collection:love:
  6. I think what works well for the Santos is that it lays flat on your wrist. For clinical work, perhaps that is a consideration?
  7. OH, after all this watch talk, I think I'm ready for a new one too! :yes: My DH will be thrilled, he's dying to get me a new watch lol The only problem is we have totally differnt ideas of what a great woman's watch is :lol:
    :back2topic: Bracelets get dirt between the links, Tank will be easier to clean ;) Yes, I LOVE my Tank lol
  8. Roadster!
  9. Get the Tank. Classic Style for years to come. You can dress down or up with that watch, especially two tone.
  10. I think the 2-tone is really growing on me, i need to choose between the santo and tank!!
  11. You know you want the Tank. :P
  12. Def a Roadster, i have one and Love It!
  13. bb10lue- You can see the diff. of both my 18K Roadster and Santos (the Santos feel much lighter than the Roadster), I had the stainless steel Tank but sold it because the stainless steel dullness ( also FYI: IMO both the Santos and Tank are lighter than the Roadster). Good luck with your decision.;)
  14. I like the roadster.
  15. Yes...i saw your new Roadster:love:absolutely love it!! But its $$$ out of my budget right now. I think i'm going to choose between the two 2-tone ones, either Santo or Tank. Probably get it in next week or two;)
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