Please help me pick out my first Cartier watch!!

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Which cartier watch should i get???

  1. Santo

  2. Tank

  3. Roadster

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  1. I like the santo more.
  2. I love the Roadster Steel.:heart:
  3. I own three cartier watches and would definately go with a solid tone watch over the two tone. I have been wearing my 18kt yellow gold (mens size) tank for two solid years and haven't changed. As a dentist I find it is very resistant to everything. I also own the mens 38mm SS Pasha and I had a beautiful diamond bezel (aftermarket) made for it in case I wanted a dressier look, but, I prefer without it. I also have a very casual mens one: the black rubber strap and SS watch which I think is called chromascope.
    As you can see I tend to favor the larger faces.
    If I were you I would definately go with the solid stainless steel roadster, it's young and hip. If I were in school or in my early years in practice, that would have been my choice had I been able to afford it back then..(they didn't even have that model though) and I did wear the two tone ladies rolex datejust for 10yrs!!! Two tones were popular before 2000 for women.
    I did pick out the two tone chronograph roadster for my boyfriend which he purchased when he bought me my gold you see I do like the roadster.
    Get the solid stainless's totally current, hip, and just large enough to make a nice statement. Second would be the all stainless steel tank in a mens face size. Hope I helped a bit and Good luck...
  4. Does anyone know prices of two-tone Cartier tank and two-tone Cartier santo?
  5. 2-tone tank is $5725, and 2 tone santo is 6100. Both in ladies size
  6. Thanks! Do they make a mid-size? I was just reading some old threads and found a modeling picture of you with roadster and dog. My roadster is a pink face and I have a 9 month old schnoodle (1/2 poodle and 1/2 mini schnauzer) that looks like your dog! What made you choose tank over santo? They're both beautiful!
  7. ^Yes they do!! I like the small size better, cos i already have two large-medium size watches. Hehe, my baby (he is a mini schnauzer) always finds his way into my pics:P

    I tried on both tank and santo, they both are gorgeous!! The santo is smaller and thinner than the tank, the surface is shinier and more polished than the tank. I feel the Santo is a very dressy watch, which doesn't really go with my current wardrobe. Thats being said, i might get it in the future, but just not now...:rolleyes:;)
  8. I say Tank - in the midsize
  9. What is price of two-tone midsize?
    These are watches that I have: roadster pink face, black 33 mm j12 with diamond markers, midsize ss rhodium roman rolex, and a couple others not as high-end. For a two-tone, I had eyes on a ladies jubilee rolex but bb10lue got me thinking about a two-tone Cartier tank. I like that it is less $ probably partly due to no diamonds on it. Which one should I do as I already have a Cartier and a Rolex?
  10. The mid size 2-tone tank is 6050, santo is 6725.

    Hmmm....i don't know. Im not too familiar with Rolex to be honest. i've only seen a couple of pics on TPF, and im loving the gold one with diamond markers!! Very luxury and blingy~!!:heart: Cartier tank on the other hand, since it has no diamonds, it can be worn casual or dressy.
  11. roadster baby!!!
  12. chessmont and bb10lue - went to Cartier today and looked at both size tanks! the mid-size is definitely for me as I am about 5 ft 6 or 5 ft 7 and 119 pounds. The small size looked too dainty. I LOVED the mid-size two-tone. I'm not going to worry about scratches showing since it will not be my everyday watch. I have a jubilee bracelet rolex and j12 for fun. If the Cartier is more for dress, it shouldn't get too marked up. Now I just have to figure out where the funds are coming from! It probably won't be untill 2009 but at least the hard part is done ( being happy with my decision).
  13. I have both the Tank Francaise and Roadster. I love the Tank for a classic look. Roadster is definitely more contemporary. They're both wonderful watches and you should get many years of enjoyment out of either. Have fun shopping!
  14. I think the Tank is such a classic!
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