Please help me pick out my first Cartier watch!!

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Which cartier watch should i get???

  1. Santo

  2. Tank

  3. Roadster

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ^^Yea...thats what i like about 2-tone too :heart:
  2. I vote for the Santos. It has a simple, elegant line, and is very versatile in terms of dressy/casual. When I tried the Tank on, I thought it looked a little masculine, although I know it's very popular.
  3. i'm dying for a roadster!! it's such a gorgeous watch, a lil sporty, completely refined, and absolutely stunning!
  4. tank or santos I have the tank and I love it! very classic
  5. LOVE the Tank two-tone, I tried that one last's seems like a happy medium between a lot of decisions (gold/silver, dressy/casual, etc.)
  6. I personally don't like mixing gold and white gold, the roadster was my choice.
  7. just to add, i'm also getting the YG LOVE cuff along with the watch, so...does that make any difference on your vote :graucho::idea:??
  8. I see you're leaning towards the Roadster, did you see the Limited Edition one I posted about yesterday?

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  9. LOL! that's why I had purchased the 2 tone Santos because I had the YG LOVE bracelet and you'll find that a 2 tone watch is much easier to wear and to mix and match.:tup:
  10. I had the same ‘problem’ two years ago… aren't we lucky! :smile:
    My DH is a big watch collector and knows everything about all of them (he must have over 50 by now lol) but he wasn’t much help… just the opposite actually as to him any quartz watch is a disgrace lol It’s all about the automatic movements, chronographs, etc. All I care about is do I love it or do I love it even more ;)
    Anyway, after a week of not sleeping (kind of lol) I chose Tank Francaise and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT :love: and wear it everyday! Even though I have couple of other watches I find myself wearing Tank 99% of the time. Every time I look at it, it makes me proud (I know, silly). :rolleyes:
    So for everyday watch that will stay CLASSIC FOREVER I definitely vote for Tank Francaise! You can't ever go wrong with Tank :tup: Mine is midsize, with date. The smaller one looked a bit too dressy for everyday.

    I wish they made Tank in stainless with *d*i*a*m*o*n*d*s*… white gold one is just ‘a bit’ too pricey… Maybe one day!
    Congratulations on whichever one you choose and have a SAFE TRIP!
  11. I always want the want that I don't have, lol! So since I have a tank, I would pick the roadster!
  12. I saw a lady sitting behind me in a restaurant with the pink roadster, and I loved it, it was really really nice.
  13. Well, in that case I say definitely two tone... but still TANK FRANCAISE :yes: :tup: :yes:
    My mid Tank is all stainless b/c since few years I'm not keen on YG anymore... not sure what happened, one day I just switched to white gold and platinum (with diamonds yeah ;) and can't go back lol Maybe it's b/c I'm in my 30s, WG just makes me feel more classy... I'm even changing YG band to WG on my beloved grandma's ring...
    I may switch back though when I get older, YG is warmer & my mom wouldn't even touch WG lol
    Hmmm... I think I want WG LOVE cuff now too :rolleyes:
    Good luck!
  14. I really don't like the 1st one. The second one is OK and the roadster is the one I want but I ended up with Pasha instead. I remember it's cheaper (lol)
  15. I own nada of the three you mentioned but I;m liking the Roadster alot. :smile:
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