Photos of your Chanels in action...

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  1. Thank you Kendie. I appreciate you checking the website. I have the same in black and it is my favorite belt. But I will think about this color because I love it. ... However this year I had taken some shopping resolution :smile: so need to justify it first:smile:
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  2. What a gorgeous necklace!
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  3. From what I can remember, you're right, the past, that color was just called "nude" on the Gucci website. Now, they've classified it as "dusty pink", and if you search that color, you'll pull all the nude colored items in the Marmont line. There are some items described as "beige" on, but they're not the Marmont items. I do think it's a bit weird how the color name used to be in bold at the top of the Gucci product page , but now it's only in tiny letters in the first line of the description!:smile:
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  4. Looking hot lady!! I always love this combo: black blazer and dark jeans: effortless chic and timeless :loveeyes: :ps:
    now that bag is just beautiful :drool: :girlsigh: :loveeyes: the perfect colors!! And the gorgeous belt is perfect match with the bag.
  5. I love love your outfit, Phiomega!!!:loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: And your bag is absolutely gorgeous!:heart:
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  6. You look sooo adorable and your bag is a stunner!!!:heart::heart::heart:
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  7. Absolutely gorgeous, you and your bag!!!:heart::girlsigh: And I love your necklace, my friend!:love::heart:
  8. I adore this tweed babe sooo much, lovely K.!!! It’s the best combo!:heart::loveeyes: And your G belt is perfect matching with your bag and the entire outfit, it’s just FABULOUS!!!:love::love::heart:
    I haven’t seen our dear V. posting for a while, I miss her too, hope she’s doing fine...
  9. Big Thanks to my gals! :winkiss: You make me blush:blush:Love you both dearly:girlsigh: & I will pass on your well wishes to Vanana ;)
    Oh @ also thanks dearest @stylistbydesign for your “nude” marmont belt insight for @Chanelandco ....& now I want it in black like you dearest:drinks:
  10. Thank you dear for taking the time to help on this color . Appreciated ❤️
  11. Car action!
    I love this bag, perfect everyday size!
  12. Beautiful colour!
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  13. Reissue 227 with gold h/w
  14. IMG_4320.JPG
    Chanel and coffee in the morning give you energy for the day!
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  15. :coolio::love::graucho::loveeyes::hbeat:Bigtime LOVE for this tote (I almost bought one when released) SO SO SO chic:girlsigh:
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