Photos of your Chanels in action...

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  1. :loveeyes::heart:Work it girlie!! Bravo...LOVE it ALL :cloud9: Look at those awesome colors & design in your cool coat:coolio::love: Your brooch action is at an all time high!;):tup: You make me want some Gucci slides right now!
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  2. You pose a very interesting question/thought dearest Phiomega! I have not used any of my CFs or reissues for several days straight as I rotate daily (with the exception of my metallic beige reissue...i took it on vacation for a week one time & it is still perfectly fine). However, I do think my expectations w/ chanel & all of my bags has changed a bit in that if & when I see any imperfections, I don’t think it will bother me tremendously (unless it was some really blatant big defect) because I just want to use & enjoy the bags vs having them sit around unused. I think crease flaps will likely be an inevitable part of the aging process from use, but hopefully it won’t bother you too much & you will still enjoy your gorgeous bags. :hugs:
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  3. What is the name of this model?

  4. Appreciate the sweet words, brooch buddies! Honestly, @Kendie26, I think it’s the new brooch box.....much easier to up the brooch action when I can easily see what I have .
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    Thank you
    Mine too
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  6. Thank you!!!!

    I have no idea bought it in Paris few weeks ago.
    But looks Like this, but the size is not 35 cm, it is 30 I think...
    I saw it also in burgundy and very deep dark blue.
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  7. Thanks Kendie! I usually rotate my bags daily also but last week I found a formula that works well with my Reissue: I carried a small tote for my ‘work needs’ (iPad, charger) and keep all the personal necessities in my Reissue (phone, keys, access cards, lip gloss). This has worked very well to the extent that I think I can use my Reissue for work days! And like you, I think imperfections are part of being loved and used - so it does not bother me, but I don’t want to break my bag - i am not sure if Chanel flap bags are meant for daily use!

    Well... a pursefriend answer maybe that I should get another flap bag for rotation ... probably caviar for durability (not gonna happen at least until March)...
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    Wearing my black caviar mini flap for a dinner out with family! Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!:heart::heart::heart:

  9. You look fabulous!:loveeyes: Such a great practical flap, and I adore your brooches!:girlsigh::heart:
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  10. :love:
    I really like your style, and your bag is sooo gorgeous!!!:heart:
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  11. Congrats, great choice! Not a bit fan of Chanel totes but this one looks very pretty and classy - hope they keep the style.
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  12. Beautiful first action picture of the year with your gorgeous mini and cute G shoes. Happy New Year Auvina :smile:.
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  13. Headed out with my Boy 2014.
  14. Thanks so much lovely IM!:hbeat::hugs:Wishing you a wonderful year, my dearest friend!:heart: I’ve missed you lately.... Hope to see some of your fabulous mod shots with your beautiful Reissues!!!;):loveeyes::heart::smile:
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  15. You and your Boy are just FANTASTIC!!!:loveeyes::girlsigh:
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