Photos of your Chanels in action...

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  1. Awesome your style & your reissue looks perfect on you!:love::loveeyes:
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  2. Picture perfect my friend!:loveeyes::love::tup:
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  3. Awww...thanks for the kind words:flowers:
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  4. Love your whole outfit! Your top is super cute - where is it from?
  5. Some double action going on in Paris

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  6. Trying to find ways to make classic flaps work more casually for me as well so I can use them more!
  7. I am so glad you like it!
    I Wish it came also in beige color, if you see something in that shape or similiar im beige/taupe color please let me know
    I am so sorry that I missed this

    Or this
  8. It worked nicely!!! The classic looks right at home with your casual outfit!
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  9. Happy Friday! :yahoo::yahoo:Ahhhh....thank you ladies @Auvina15 and @Bibi25260 Cheers to the weekend :drinks:
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  10. Thanks! :smile: It's from Comme Des Garcons Play
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  11. Heading out to with an oldie-but-a-goodie...medium Maxi 3 Flap in lambskin. There’s a little brooch action in there, too (closeup pic in the brooch thread)!

  12. Thank you. Wondering if anyone of you use your Chanel flap frequently and whether it is advisable? I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing my small Reissue for work for the past three days - that means very frequent opening/closing of the clasp for example. Any thoughts? Should I plan to use it less?
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  13. This is such a fabulous look SBD!!! Your amazing coat!!! And the beautiful bag, brooch, and shoes. Style perfection :smile:.
  14. :clap: :love:Both of you Lovelies are killing it:hbeat::tup:in your mods!!
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  15. I will definitely let you know if I see either!! I especially love the bottom pic. Beige Lover Forever is my middle name :winkiss:
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