Photography Lens~O~ Post your Candids or Classics Here!

  1. I really like this shot that I took for our giveaway on the 24th:


    Just so sharp!
  2. Love all these pics!!

    Vlad, I like that one a ton too!
  3. ^^^^It does look like it is in person!
  4. My kids cuddling on the couch:


    What I saw when I went to check on DD one morning when she was supposed to be getting ready for school:


    Some crazy smoke I saw driving to work on a very windy day in North Texas:


  5. So sharp it looks REAL on my computer screen -- like I could reach out and touch the screen and feel the metal...
  6. That's COOL! What an interesting shape.

    Love the one of your DD and puppy! How adorable! Nothing sweeter than children and animals. :heart:
  7. Agreed! And thank you...they adore each other. :p
  8. OMG voo yay for your kiddos! Love to see them, that smoke pic is wild!

    Vlad......oh gosh, you HAVE to have more great pics hiding on your comp.. post some more!
  9. I'm not at all a great photographer, I just have my little digital camera which capture my moments. The first 3 photos are photos of me and my DF when we first started dating back in high school.

    When we went to Ripley's Believe It or Not in SF I had to take a photo of this which was on TV! DF's face is so perfectly symmetrical and although my face is only ONE side two times, I still think the left side looks better than the right. LMAO!!

    My favorite photo of us.

    At my old house.

    My niece crying because her big sister blew out her own birthday candle. (we had to relight the candle and sing happy birthday AGAIN just so my neice would stop crying. LOL)
  10. LOL thanks GG! i just have too much time on my hands at night.

    ITS NOT BAD! its cute!:heart:

    theres like a ton extra that you could have some fun with. THE MONA LISA IS HILARIOUS IMO. :p
  11. [​IMG]

    VLAD, my jaw has dropppppppppped!
  12. ooooh, i will def check that out, thanks!!!:yahoo:
  13. those are all so adorable:heart:
  14. Awh missie those pics are so cute!!!
  15. Thanks Michelle and Tyger!! :heart: