Photography Lens~O~ Post your Candids or Classics Here!

  1. In the course of the everyday we feel the need to capture the unusual, the beautiful, or the comical moments of our lives. For some, the art of taking a photo is a passion and a venue for expression. For others, it is a means to an end that has pleasant outcomes.
    Please post those shots that may express your creative nature whether they were intentional or just perceived as such. Feel free to watermark as we all just want to see what comes of your creativity. I have seen wonderful avitars that make me think that you may want to share all the different sides of your nature! Have Fun!
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    We are still grateful even if the pasta is uncooked right from the box....

  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Here is a pic I posted on the Coach thread on Christmas eve. I baked a pie and it turned out a little scary. :smile: Then I ate it...
  6. Love it! :sad: LOL :smile:
  7. Those kids are adorable! :tender:
  8. LMAO, what an angry looking pie! Loves it!!! :lol:
  9. Thanks! :yes: I sent the pic to all my friends. Hehe.
  10. One of my faves - she's a tiny bit creepy but I love her.

  11. ^^^^Really cool!
  12. Thank you Patch, endless candid shots, too!:yahoo:
  13. That is the coolest pie I have ever seen. :nuts:
  14. Great pictures!!!!!!!!

    I have a few (ok, more than a few) that I can post...brb.
  15. Here ya go, I got a new camera so I could get into Photography, then I dropped the camera and had to get it repaired. 6 months after dropping her, I finally got her back and forgot all the setting LOL! So, here are some pictures I took before I broke it...

    My niece Bailey..

    My dog Mariah..

    Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial site..


    A photo I snapped of the City Center on the Strip (Las Vegas) while it was (still is) being constructed..

    A friends backyard..