Photography Lens~O~ Post your Candids or Classics Here!

  1. Here are a few of mine:

    My Ebbie
    Blarney Castle
    Aran Islands from the plane
    Corpus Christi Skyline
    a rose
    Do these shoes go with this coat resized.jpg Blarney Castle 1 RS.JPG Aran Islands RS.JPG Corpus Christi Skyline RS.JPG Rose RS.JPG
  2. And a few more,

    Pink and me
    Studz and Pink
    Light at Tower Bridge London
    Big Ben
    Pink and me RS.JPG Studz and Pink RS.JPG Studz RS.JPG Light at Tower Bridge RS.JPG Big Ben 1 RS.JPG
  3. This is addictive (and I am bored) so here are a few more

    Candid shot of an Irish Singer
    Reeses doing his pointing thing
    Trump Tower
    Brooklyn Bridge
    Irish Singer RS.JPG Puppies RS.JPG Reeses pointing RS.JPG Trump Tower 2 RS.JPG Brooklyn Bridge 1 RS.JPG
  4. Trying again:

  5. ^^^ OO it reminds me of a purple kiwi lol... very very pretty, love the colors!

    I saw a home remodeling show and they did the living room in that light green and deep and light purples... I was so drooling!
  6. My favorite color combo - that's the colors in my bedroom: Green with purple accents.
  7. I love doing still photography with just about thing I can find!!
    Here is a few of my favorite ones- Hope you enjoy:heart:
    Copy of Podium Order1.jpg Hearts of water.jpg Breloque Karo_2.jpg My Heart.jpg Hermes Hardhat.jpg
  8. That pearls one is STILL my favorite! I was just looking at it again yesterday in the Your Hermes as Art thread!
  9. Thanks Sweetie- :heart: It's funny as I am sure you know- you get inspired and all these ideas come flowing then you go through a dry spell!!
    I guess thats now- I'm not inspired by any new ideas!! In a funk!! lol

    Seriously I love your work!! You need to a display up here in my neck of the woods!!
  10. Wow - everyone's photos are wonderful! I love seeing shots from everyone's life! What fun!
  11. Irishlass and Amamxr, always good stuff!!!
  12. Is that a hermes construction hat? If so... why? lol

    Gorgeous photos, I love the pearl one too!
  13. Yes, it was sent to Hermes customers along with a note that said
    We are still open even though we are under construction as the store was being renovated. A marketing ploy- The hat now resides over the pond in London to a very lovely lady (friend) who is in Architectural Engineering- She actually wears it!! :tup:
  14. ^^ That's cool! What a story!