Patina where art thou?


Handbag Connoisseur
Dec 5, 2005
I've been using my Speedy for almost two weeks now and the vachetta is still as white as when I bought it. Argh! :evil: I've been letting it tan in the sun and I even used a blowdryer to heat the vachetta in hopes of getting it a little darker but to no avail.

How long do I have to wait? I'm so impatient. Sorry, just have to vent. :shame:
If only I could keep mine white! I adore the light white clean look!! I must have alot of something in my skin but mine turn way too fast for me! I could carry it for you for a few weeks!!! Returned a lovely honey color!
i woudln't recommend using a blowdryer on the handles....might not be too good for ur bag :sad2:.......i think it depends on how sunny the whether is and i think it takes awhile for a really noticable patina to develop.....i had an LV for liek 4 months and it still only had a slight patina but since you're tanning yours i guess maybe a week or two more?......but i don't think it'll be the beautiful golden color for awhile
Enjoy your bag as it develop the pantina!
For me, it's like a honey moon period for me and my new bag :smile:
I started browsing for new bags after my bag dvelops patina....
I was waiting fooooorever for the patina on my Speedy. It never came. I only used it a handful of times before I sold it on the forum. Bah. I probably would've kept it if it came with its own ready-made-patina. I should really looking into a used LV.