Pandora bracelets... continued!!!

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  1. hi the bead on the bracelet and the one in the picture are 2 variations of the same code. my store got both in we thought they were 2 different beads they have the same code the best thing to do is to go look in a shop and u can select the one u need.
    :smile: Duckie
  2. Hey thanks for answering. The one pictured is one of the new muranos just released there in May if you look at the new catalogue its in it with new above it. I just cant believe the difference in the colours!
  3. Hey, thanks for answering. I was going to order it online but I guess I will just have to go into a shop and pick the variation I want. I just hope they have the redder version and not all the caramel colour!

  4. yes those are the same bead. For some reason the website picture and description is way off. Its hard because since the muranos are hand made there are many variations. The ones at my store are like the ones on the bracelet. I've also seen darker ones like the web picture. If you are thinking of getting one and want a specific color, I would recommend going to a retailer so you can choose it.
  5. When I went to buy the murano they had both versions. I fell in love with the cherry red and snatch it. The one in the picture looks like the colors of the captivating amber and brown bead very nice but not for the look I was going for.
  6. Has anyone seen the summer murano's, or know when this summer they are coming out? My birthday is the very end of July:balloon:
  7. There will be an "Oversized" Murano coming in Fall, as well as some strong colored Muranos, (could be one in the same), along with some other new silver charms, and football team (American) charms. This is the latest I have from my SA's.
  8. I am excited if they do football charms!! Yes!!
  9. I was in my Pandora store looking for the new gold crown as well as the other large gold bead with diamonds. Well low and behold the Pandora rep was there and he was just about to leave. The SA told him to show me the new summer muranos - they are so pretty. They are brighter then the newest release - more colors too. They have a swirly white pattern throughout - very pretty. He also said there is a new gold clip coming out (no details though). The only two silver beads I remember hearing him talk about were a cow and a witch on a broom. He said the witch is super cute. My store did not have either of the two newest gold releases....I just wanted to see them in person.

  10. did he menton when the Summer muranos would hit shoppes???:drool:
  11. I think there's going to be an addition to my Halloween theme bracelet!
  12. OMG! a Pandora thread. I am in trouble. It will take me a week to read all 332 pages. lol
    I LOVE Pandora. I got started almost 2 years ago, and have started my second this year.
    WIll post pictures another time, but good to find there is so much to this forum!
    (just started hanging here a few weeks ago, and so far, pretty much in the RM subforum
  13. I heard the new gold clip will be like the new daisy/flower one that is out in silver. A cow???? Having trouble imagining the witch too!

    Question on cleaning your bracelet - when you have it done at the store, do they charge you? or is it free, in the asumption you'll be hanging around shopping for new charms! Do they take all the beads off or leave them on?
  14. The cleaning is free, but my Pandora store only does it on Mondays (they say it's too time-consuming for busier days.) My store does not take off the beads, but I've heard of other stores taking a pic of the bracelet, cleaning it and they putting all the beads back on in the right order. I usually wait for my bracelet, but you can leave and come back. I always count my beads and make a list of what's on there. My one bracelet is retired and worth $$$ so I don't want any to go missing for any reason, accident or not. LOL

  15. Ok...heres the scoop....

    My SA (who is a manager) said the new beads will be out late summer (think late aug/early sept). There will be new leather bracelets in diff colors (including purple!! woooo!!!). Theres gonna be a leather bracelet with an oversized murano that isn't meant to come off the bracelet...not sure how THATS gonna work. The muranos are gonna have a floral/swirly effect too!! Yay! And more purple colors, thank goodness!
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