Pandora bracelets... continued!!!

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    I redid all of my beauties....I posted them on the picture thread, but I need expert help with my new pendant. Do you like the pendant on the leather version or on the tradtional bracelet? HELLLP! :nuts:


  2. My Wishlist



    What are your thoughts on this? I think it may be fun!

  3. Hi Using Daddy's $$ I think I would like that arrangement on a necklace so that the charm in the middle hangs flat in front. You could attach it on a silver bracelet to the leather cord to create a necklace or get a double wrap leather bracelet to make a choker style. I am loving the options that there are with Pandora. Very cute, enjoy!
  4. So I went to the Pandora Denmark site and created another bracelet. I fiddled with the virtual beads for a WHILE and put something really, realy nice together. It says you have to add the bracelet to your cart to save it so I did. Next day it was gone.:shucks: Geez.

    I am loving all the designs on here and will post pics of mine after vacation.
  5. I ended up bringing the two tone safety chain. I couldn't take it not staying in place so I returned it and got the queen bee and the car. Very nice charms.
  6. I like it on the leather. Love the color of leather you chose. How do you like the pendant on your hand? Is it big or catch easy? In any case, it's very pretty.
  7. I haven't seen the top one in person but I have seen the other two. I like the middle ring a lot and I think the toggle bracelet is a nice change from the traditional. The black would make the muranos/cabochons pop for sure.
  8. I got the top ring this past weekend.

    It is awesome! Bought the bigger size so I can wear it was a middle finger ring. It's a preety big stone.

    I'll take pics tonight.
  9. Looking at everyones bracelets has inspired me to show mine! :biggrin:


    My boyfriend bought it for me on my birthday, the 23rd of May. He got me the Pandora symbol dangly one and the grapes. My mother got me the light blue murano. I got the pig and the green murano on holidays in Spain with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to get more and I feel like going and buying loads but I like getting them as gifts so that they'll mean something! :smile:
  10. Hello

    Kirbymax...I have had no problems with the pendant catching...knock on wood.

    Luvpugz... I will have to try your suggestion on my black pandora leather necklace the large champagne bracelet looks too tight on me for a necklace.

    Barbpixie.... I am soo jealous but we are def on the same page I plan on wearing both on my middle finger.

    Twinklekz....welcome to the addiction!
  11. Hi,

    I am so sorry for the very sad pictures.

    The first image is my stackers. The middle is the loves me ring.
    The second image is the purple stone.
    The third is both side by side so you can have a general idea of the ring size.





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    BarbPixie, am loving those rings... the stackable ones in particular :love:

    Using_Daddys_$$... your leather bracelet is awesome. I love those carved smokey quartz pendants and rings.

    Twinklekz, welcome to the forum:smile:
  13. The grapes looks awesome between the two muranos!! Very cute! I had the intentions of keeping it so that I only got beads from you can see a few pages back, it didn't work that way!! LOL 3 bracelets, 3 rings, necklace later.....(although, the necklace and beads on there is from my husband :biggrin:). You have a very pretty combo there....
  14. Can anyone tell me if the red stripe bead in the above bracelet is meant to be the same bead as the one below?? (product no 790680) They look nothing alike but there is no other bead in the catalogue like it so I'm thinking it has to be it! I would prefer it if it was anyway as I only need one more murano to complete my multi coloured bracelet and was looking for a red one. Its described as caramel on websites.

  15. Nope
    The one pictures is an older Murano.

    The one on the bracelet is part of the spring 2010 release.


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