Pandora bracelets... continued!!!

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  1. The present, maybe something with little red gems/glass since the ruby is the birthstone for July?
  2. I love the present too, brilliant idea and the little red gems gave me an idea, as you can get your car licence when you are 18 here, the car bead with the red tail lights would be worth a thought. thx for that :smile:
  3. her star sign perhaps?
  4. I received a postcard in the mail from my local Pandora store for a free bracelet with $150 purchase. Great news so I can start a new bracelet - now I have to make a tough decision - which beads?! I am heading there today!! :yahoo:
  5. I have always seen the PANDORA display at our family jewelers but never knew what the fuss was all about. Last weekend I was in the store and finally took a look and want to start my own bracelet. One problem.. I feel like I couldn't make something look good... I feel like my bracelet wouldn't go together if I didn't get the right beads. Idk I'm torn :sad: I want to start something but don't know where to start.
  6. I know exactly how you feel, but I am further into the addiction. I just purchased the silver and gold clasp bracelet and want to make it unbelievable. I have the silver clasp bracelets but really want to make this one pop.
  7. My recommendation is to just start with a couple of beads that you really like or that have special meaning to you. Pandora bracelets look just a good to me with just a few beads as they do completely full! Once you have made your choices, check out a Pandora website with a bracelet builder. I really like Denmark Bead's bracelet has helped me make and re-make many bracelets!

    I always find the total purchase price overwhelming, but then I remind myself that I don't have to have all of the beads at the same time!
  8. I have been reading from page 1 on since Tuesday, June 1 when I went out and purchased my first Pandora bracelet. I bought the bracelet, 2 clips with flowers, and a flower for you blue murano. Thanks to looking at all of your gorgeous Pandora bracelets this is what I have so far since June 1: :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I am going for a blue theme with a bit of gold. :graucho:
  9. O...........M..................G
    These bracelets are just too cute!!!!!! OMG i feel a new obssession coming on !!!
    Are they made of solid sterling silver and gold not plated? as im allergic to base metals etc and they make my skin green quickly... looking at the bracelets im guessing they are high quality! wow congrats on all the bracelets they are stunning i just think i'll make one and it would look tacky lol
  10. oh very pretty, the toothpaste blue candystriped murano would look great on there too!
    :smile: Duckie
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    Finally I got around to taking a picture of my baby. Many memories here. Also included the paperweight given to me when I got a spacer.

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  12. Calling all Pandoraholics !! buyer beware! a friend of mine purchased some pandora replica beads from this ebay seller the seller seemed plesant enuff until the beads went missing in the post. the seller offered only a part refund and offered hopes that they would arrive. 3 weeks l...ater and still no beads when my friend tried to get the matter resolved the seller refused to give full refund and said the advert clearly states returns are refunded minus postage.
    Returns! she didnt get the item in the first place!
    she left Negative feedback and The seller then called her cluless and told her the cost of the beads was more than she paid for them and she should think heself lucky she only lost the cost of the postage.
  13. I have an idea for a birthday bead - the tree of life. It is such a pretty and meaningful bead. I love looking at all the bracelets - new ideas all the time!
  14. Got my first Pandora today! As I previous posted, I was nervous about starting one but finally took the plunge. I only have one charm as of now (a sterling silver A bead) bc I want to start building it slowly! Can't wait!!
  15. Talked to the SA at one of my favorite stores, and she just saw the new fall charms!!! (it was by phone so I couldn't see them, not sure if they are allowed to show the pictures?) Anyway, there will be a gold core wood charm, (I think it was a dark wood?) and also a gold clip like the new sterling flower clip. Small heads up for you! :smile:

    Oh, and at the bracelet event, I got 3 blue murano's for myself, a clip for a friends birthday, and a retired charm. The retired charm and the bracelet I'm going to list on ebay, to help pay for my Murano's!
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