Pandora bracelets... continued!!!

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  1. New NFL football charms are silver with a gold face mask. The team logo is etched on the back of the helmet. Saw pictures of them. Great for football fans!
  2. Oh I am all over this baby!
  3. Lots of new updates! Does anyone have pics???

  4. Thanks for the scoop ! :smile:
  5. Just wondering if anyone has ideas as to what's wrong with my bracelet, I got some new beads today, when I got home I started to take off the beads and my puffy silver heart won’t come off over the second twisty bit :wtf:I've had it since Christmas and I haven't re-arranged it for about 3 months. Last time it came back from being cleaned at the Pandora shop they had been moved some beads around :cursing:
  6. I wouldn't force it, and take it back to the store and ask them to remove the charm for you. This way if there is anything wrong with it, they will see it immediately.
  7. I stopped by my boutique today to pick up the gold interweave bead for my two tone bracelet and the owner pulled up the fall things on the computer. The witch is super cute, there is a fat airplane, a cow, a dangle charm that is two pieces that makes up a butterfly I think (like a BFF thing where you give half to someone) and a sleigh (also super cute and a must have for me). There are about 5 black rubber bracelets with one large murano in the middle that does not come off. I remember a blue, black, orange and yellow. It would be cute paired with a second bracelet. The muranos coming out have white swirls type things in them and the owner said if you look at them from the side it makes a flower. Some super things to look forward to!
  8. It sounds like the threads are catching wrong. I agree about taking it back and have them work on it.
  9. my sister got me the teddy bear charm :smile:
  10. Here is my new addition and my first 14k piece::yahoo:

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  11. Great information......thanks =)
  12. :goodpost:

    I love your new gold bead too... I want 2 of them so 1 of them can go either side of my new gold anniversary bead. But I have to wait unfortunately!!!
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    I'm from Holland,but I don't think that's a problem:smile:.Love Pandora!
    I saw beautiful pictures off your bracelets here!These are 2 off mine. .Wish you a nice day an see you soon!
    (Can't get my picture postet.)
  14. So, I know I'm talking to the converted, but does anyone worry that they're spending money on a fad? I have four Pandoras that I love, I spent months designing each one of them and I kept the colours neutral and the designs simple and balanced, but still, they were very expensive because I went with a lot of gold. I worry that in ten years' time I'll just have them sitting in a drawer unworn.
  15. Kari2 I believe you need a minimum of 5 posts before you can post your pictures. Welcome to the forum! :smile:

    Lillia I don't really worry about that. I didn't wear bracelets for years because I couldn't find anything that I really loved. I think that Pandora is the right mix between modern and timelessness.
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