Pandora bracelets... continued!!!

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  1. I was just about to post that I emailed kendall to ask if she's going to list anything else over the next 3 days- will let you all know what she says!
  2. We ran out of room in our last thread -- our chatting about all things Pandora hit the 5,000+ post mark and got archived!!!


    So let's continue to share the Pandora love!
  3. Yeay part 2!

    So I bit the bullet & decided to pick up another bracelet...might as well stop fighting it hehehe

    I did need something to put all the new beads I just picked up lol

    Who else scored??
  4. Let's hope not for our wallets sake! I emailed Swanky and asked her to merge our two new posts into one! Great minds think alike!
  5. Thanks! I just noticed we ended up with two! I hope she posts some safety chains, need some for the new bracelets!!
  6. Lots of shoppers must bit out there as the # of beads is dwindling!!
  7. I'm actually on vacation so I need to get off the computer! I will come back to let you guys know what she says. Also, my birthday is Sunday and I have a feeling my fiance is getting me Pandora... I sent him my wishlist:graucho: Cant wait to see what he picked!!!
  8. I know I keep on refreshing.....I wonder if shell wait till they are almost done,& post a bunch more. She usually does it in spurts. I cant believe I was on the computer for the beginning of this one.

    I was just looking at ponygirls collection on the sister thread....HOLY COW! I love looking at everyone elses work,but it makes me want to buy...better go vacuum.
  9. I missed out on everything on my wishlist from Kendalldew...oh, well! My birthday is next week, so I can drop some more hints to the family!
  10. Wow, Kendalldew had a lot of things I wanted. I'm a teensy bit glad I wasn't on or I would have overspent like crazy. I'm glad some ladies on here got some goodies this time
  11. ughh I missed out AGAIN!!!!
  12. Me too I always miss her sales and I check everyday all during the day and still I miss out. Bummmmmed!!!
  13. So I took my mom to the Pandora store with every intention of picking out my birthday gift...and I couldn't decide on anything! When spending other people's money or a larger budget, I can never decide what I want! The same thing happened to me when I had that amazing gold exchange credit at the jeweler's. I ended up choosing some things there, but it took a long time and a lot of second-guessing. Now, my mom really wants to get me something for my bracelet, but I would rather that she picked it out herself, so it has more meaning? Does that sound stupid or ungrateful or bratty? Does this ever happen to anyone else...not being able to pick something out under pressure:sweatdrop:?
  14. Happy b'day for next week :smile:

    Yes, all the time. My husband gave me some $ from a job he did, to spend on Pandora. That was over a week ago. I've looked online and been into a store but I can't decide on what I want now LOL It's funny because I have a huge wishlist but I can't decide which ones I want now.

    I'm thinking the two-tone purse?
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