Pandora bracelets... continued!!!

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  1. Issie,

    I wear my bracelets all the time because they're neutral (the only muranos I have now are butterscotch and white). It's just that I went a bit nuts at first and bought a lot of beads that I now regret -- wish I had waited a bit until I understood how it all worked, and that what I really wanted was the gold, and not a gazillion silver beads and different colours of silver murano. Fortunately I was able to trade/sell a lot of them, especially the muranos, and ended up with bracelets that were more "me". The last one I made is gold with peridot stones, mixed metal beads (Tree of Life), gold spacers and those lovely soft brown quartzes. No murano. It's very elegant on the wrist. I also made one that is just silver with clear CZ stones, and it's lovely.
  2. Good question. In my opinion, the popularity of the bracelets seems to be growing. I see more stores, more brands and more women wearing the bracelets. Like you, I wonder if this is a trend that will seem dated at some point........ Conversely, traditional charm bracelets have been around and seem timeless in relation to trends.

    I started into the whole European bead/Pandora/Troll world about 3 years ago. I've gone from wearing my bracelets all the time, to putting them in a rotation of bracelets I like to wear. I still enjoy looking at new beads and coming up with new combinations. I also find myself admiring my bracelets when I wear them. I imagine they'll stay in my rotation of things to wear for a long long time even if they become less popular. I still love how cute many of the silver beads are, how beautiful the glass is and how sentimental/symbolic they are..............
  3. Yesterday was my birthday :Partyhat: and my husband bought me the purple oval lights charm and my sister gave me the high heel shoe dangle!! OMG, its so cute! I put the champagne oval lights and amethyst oval lights on my sorta looks like my kids birthstone colors (amethyst and citrine) and sits next to their initials on my necklace. I'll try to post a pic in a little bit to see if you guys like the way it looks...
  4. Missymom,

    My thought was that eventually I might take off the muranos altogether and just go with the metal, which is a more classic look. One thing I have noticed is that many saleswomen in the jewelery stores that sell the full Pandora line usually do have a bracelet, most often a gold one. I've asked them what they think about the longevity and most of them felt it was a decent purchase -- and these are women who sell high-end jewellery. The manager at one store, who re-arranged one of my bracelets for me, has two gorgeous ones with gold muranos.

    I, too, admire my bracelets when I wear them. They're almost like worry beads. I guess I just started to add up what I've spent, and it's a lot. :faint: Mind you, every young woman at my office wears a Tiffany dog tag necklace or bracelet and I wouldn't spend the money on one of those, so each to their own, I guess.
  5. I have now been collecting for 7 years and dont see any sign of me stopping, I wear atleast 1 every day and make sure i rotate them so they dont sit in the drawer.
    and before that I had been collecting a traditional charm bracelet for 20 years
    Duckie :smile:
  6. I have just started my collection few months back and already have finished one with gold and silver theme and have blue ,pink and black muranos which i make into a color theme .
    i have realized when i am bored i keep myself busy looking at the different charms .I really love the beads and once i pick out one am on the hunt for the next bead .Also its good for my family to get a pressie because am very fussy with other stuff .

  7. Lillia,

    I know what you mean. I have done that too. I find that I prefer silver/gold beads without oxidization on my mostly gold & diamond two tone bracelet. On my oxidized with gold clasp bracelet, only gold filigree beads and gold muranos... I'm also stuck with the symmetry bug. My bracelets seem to need to have some kind of discernable pattern :shame:.
  8. My birthday is Sunday, July 4th and I have asked DH for 2 blue heart murano beads, the angel of hope bead, snowman bead, and the celebration cake. I am hoping I planned my bracelet out correctly to if I get these beads for my birthday my bracelet will be finished. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: That will also mean it is time to start a 2nd bracelet. Oh boy DH is gonna kill me. LOL.
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