Official Hermes Belt Thread

  1. No that is incorrect. Sorry. You can only buy a strap separately. Never a buckle. Buckles are always only sold in a kit.
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  2. In my experience this is not true. You can buy additional straps without a buckle but not the other way around. I have three buckles and I have had to purchase a strap with each of them.
  3. Agree with the said above. You can buy straps once you buy a kit. But never a buckle alone
  4. Which would you buy- one croc strap or multiple leather straps?
  5. Love croc but I have more use of multiple leatherstraps with multiple buckles ( have about 15 different). If the only belt I need would be black I could buy the black alligator/croc but my lifestyle is different a d I like the variety
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  6. My understanding of this was that a buckle couldn't be purchased randomly, but if you walk into the store wearing a strap and buckle you had already bought, they would sell you another buckle. I heard that this is the case with a franchise store though, so is this not the norm in other H boutiques?
  7. Thank you. I just can't decide.
  8. I have three belts that I have purchased from the same SA and she knew I was buying the strap just to get the buckle. She told me she cannot sell the buckle without the strap. She couldn't find the strap that I wanted so she felt bad. But couldn't sell me the buckle without one.
  9. Are you in the US? I'll have to ask my SA about this next time I see her. I really would like a gold brushed H buckle to swap out with my silver brushed H buckle, but don't want to buy another strap as the one I already have is comprised of the two perfect neutrals for my wardrobe. And the strap costs more than the buckle so I'd hate to have to spend more money on the piece of the belt kit I don't even need.
  10. The only buckle you can buy without also getting the strap is the sterling silver Touareg buckle. Otherwise, as far as I am aware and others have noted, buckles are only sold with straps.
  11. Well that's a bummer. I understand why H wants to make sure that people aren't buying their buckles to put on any old belt, but it can make loyal clients feel like they are being nickel and dimed to spend more money than they already are.
  12. I just bought these I'm wanting the belt! lol
  13. I have the solid silver Touareg H buckle for my belt (silver is a soft metal). After a few years I've noticed the pin that goes through the holes is very loose now, and could easily fall off the first hole. Is there a way to somehow add more silver to the pin? or what I should do?

  14. Take it in to Hermes; it needs the attention of a specialist craftsperson.

    You do not want to spoil it by trying to fix it yourself
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  15. When I bought my belt kit, I was wearing a dress so trying it on wasn't a very accurate fit. I intend to wear it mostly with jeans and now that I've tried with jeans I think I may have to exchange. It's already on the last hole and and is loose enough that I can easily slide my finger between the belt and my jeans and the buckle leans forward a little. Is my belt too big? Should I exchange for a smaller size? I'd rather not punch an extra hole because my SA said they loosen more than the ones that came originally with the belt, but I don't know if that's true.
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