Official Hermes Belt Thread

  1. You're welcome! :smile:

    Not sure if it's different in other countries but I had the holes punched by a local SA in Singapore.
  2. :lol::lol::lol:
  3. The SAs can do it. There is a kit in the back... It's actually really cool.. I have watched them do it before.
  4. Any more than that and it changes the aesthetic of the belt.
  5. yes.
  6. I need advice. I have one kelly belt in black with silver hardware and cant decide if I should get a brown one with silver or gold hardware. I was thinking gold cause variety, but am not really a gold person.
  7. Hardly use ghw then pass
    Get a brown neutral with phw
    Too expensive underutilise or zzz in closet
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  8. Hi!!! I only have one K belt, and I also got it in silver because I'm not a gold person. My H belt is also silver. however, I got a rose gold CDC buckle and it looks SO amazing over black clothing!!!

    It really depends on what you wear. For instance, my two love bracelets are white gold and rose gold. My rolex is silver
    My bags have both HW, so it made sense to get me some variety like you say. Also tastes shift all the time.... well at least for me they do!!
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  9. Hmm all of my jewelry is rose gold. I got a JUC and LOVE in rose gold and just decided to commit hahaha, but to me the hermes rose gold is almost pink, but maybe a brown belt with rose gold would look good? I don't think I've seen one in person yet. I've never been a gold person except for I got the Chanel classic flap in beige with ghw for some odd reason.
  10. Hermes rose gold is NOT almost pink.... it's the best rose gold everrrrr.... very subtle. Highly recommend.
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  11. really? haha I think it's pinker than most rose golds. I have a cdc in rose gold and it looks odd with my cartier. Is their fine jewelry rose gold different?
  12. Hmmm.... I don't have a CDC in RG but I do have fine jewelry and it is not pink.... it is soooo pretty I can't say enough how much I love it hahahah
    Maybe it looks di with so much hardware in the CDC but in smaller pieces it's not how u described.... mine is so subtle I can actually mix it with yellow gold and it doesn't bother me. And I'm not a fan of mixing metals so that's significant....
  13. My CDC RG is definitely a lot more orange-y than my Tiffany or Cartier rose gold. But also, the CDC RG belt is obviously not real rose gold.


    I do love it though. I would do brown with gold. I love my gold on gold birkin
  14. Hi,someone,please,can show to me a photo wearing the glenan buckle belt? I cannot find modeling photos on internet.Thanks in advance
  15. Hi everyone!
    I know you must buy as a kit (buckle and belt) but I was told once you've purchased the kit you are allowed to buy additional buckles. Is this true? I'm torn on which buckle to buy and if I want it to match my jewelry and everyday wear or if I want it to be more for riding and showing (horses).

    Thank you!!
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