Official Hermes Belt Thread

  1. I know my hubby gets the most use out of his black/chocolate strap, and he went with a silver buckle which he prefers.
  2. It is much easier to do in the store, especially the first time. You can try them on, see them in person and compare colors. Sometimes it is nice to see the buckles on the straps you are considering.
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  3. Thoughts on why Hermés will only punch two extra holes in the strap?
  4. Hmm since im new to this not sure how it works...can i buy online and go to hermes store later to get extra holes punched if needed?
  5. 90 should be fine
    It's called a kit because the belt and strap are completely separate
    Once you have a selection of belts and straps you have many combinations available to you
    You can always buy extra different belt straps but you cannot buy the buckles without buying a belt strap
    The gold/silver hardware choice is personal preference.
    Despite what I said about silver with gold/tan tone straps you could argue that it looks more modern.

    On the web site you can see the different combinations when you make selections.

    Two pics below for you
    The tapered black belt is actually indigo; the real black belt is box and over ten years old.
    Scratches are not a problem; you are more likely to scratch a bag than a belt.
    So just go for the colour and texture that you prefer.
    I would have been more careful with the gold buckle if I'd thought about scratches - a brushed finish is more durable
    IMG_4793.JPG IMG_4794.JPG

  6. I just realised that I included responding to your question replying to miso5oup post 4520
    hope it helps
  8. I don't know where my actual comment went...

    Left is the old women's 32mm
    Middle is the new 32mm design I received today
    Left is the old men's 32mm

    So the middle one seems to have the same shape as the old men's belt BUT they have moved the buckle hole closer to the end of the strap to give it a shorter tail.
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  9. Thank you! This helps immensely!
  10. Hi Swifty thanks for posting the comparison shots.
    I also asked my SA about this and was told that they were changing, but I didn't really understand her answer and when this change may happen.
    Your pictures have helped clarify a lot.
    My DH bought a belt this week which was a 100 but was too long to fit into the insides of the belt box, so it is slightly longer than his other 100 which does. It seems to have a longer tapered end.
    Fit wise seems to be the same.
    Congrats on your lovely belt collection.

  11. Wait, they punch holes for you?
  12. They can punch up to 2 holes from what I know.
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  14. Good to know! I was in between buying a LV one and a hermes one. I asked my SA if I could take it to a cobbler to punch more holes if I needed and he said it would void the warranty. Thats why I got excited when I read that hermes will do it. Thank you for the response.
  15. They will definitely punch holes for you at the store. I have had it done to several of my belts. Just make sure you call the store to make sure their "repair" guy is there to do it.
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