Official Coach CHAT Thread!!!

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  1. IKR! Would've much preferred that shape in glove tanned leather. It would've been like correcting a mistake of the leather they used.
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    I’m too entrenched in the originals to really get on board with these updated versions.
    I’d really like to be open minded. I just can’t seem to muster the energy.
  3. I know this is snarky, but I would love to believe the designer just took a 5 minute walk through the Archives, to check the Willis and didn’t put the diligence in. Kinda just phoned it in. Like with all these Dinky-esque, Saddle-esque recycled designs. You know, like people mis-listing bags on eBay .
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    TOTAL dealbreaker. WTH are they thinking?
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  5. I didn't even notice that in the picture until you mentioned it! Hopefully that picture is wrong.
  6. I have it, I don’t think so. I keep mine in the dust bag when not in use.
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  7. That is super cute!! I love it!

    I've had a few snake skin bags. I would use leather conditioner on my occasionally to keep it from drying out. Be sure to smooth the conditioner down with the scales, not up against them. I hope that makes sense.
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  8. I’m excited about this one actually! My SA sent me some pics - it does have a long strap it just looks like it attaches to rings on the back instead of on the sides of the dowel like the original
    87CA8EF1-21AF-41CB-8A7E-E691F7D123BD.jpeg 784C473D-9E10-4506-BB65-160A2B3B30F1.jpeg
  9. Be honest- Is it too extra to want this and bring out every birthday? Because I really like it! :lol::hbeat:
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  10. I have this tiara! It’s very cute in person and the crystals to me look more champagne in person than pink! I will say the plastic flowers are kinda cheap looking.
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  12. I would like to see how those creeds get re-purposed or upcycled!!
  13. No, life is short. Buy it work it enjoy it. I am living life on the edge. I just bought a pair of print slacks to wear to work. Not as edgy as what my Gucci banner ad at the top of this page shows, but livin’ bold lol. I bought a pair of red slim style pants last year and no one dies of shock when I wear them to work!
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  14. Creed patches. :confused1: Of all the odd Coach stuff I have collected, creed patches were never one of them......nor something I would ever wanted to. :huh:
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