Official Coach CHAT Thread!!!

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  1. Creeds :confused1: :lol:
  2. Help me decide which one, please! I’m deciding between these two bags:
    Blue suede
    Or color block (is it brown or burgundy?)
    My only other Rogue is this one and I have other bags in each of the colors above:
  3. I think that is oxblood, which is more brown than burgundy. The leather will hold up better than suede.
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  4. Ooh I love the coloblock one! I think it's called Oxblood.
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  5. YES, oxblood! I could not think of the name to save my life. I was kind of leaning towards that one but the blue is probably more rare but also more upkeep... ☹️
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  6. I think the blue color is prettier except I don’t like suede that much (more high maintenance than the pebbled leather). So the oxblood one is a better choice.
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  7. The blue is gorgeous, but suede can be harder to maintain. The oxblood is also gorgeous! I have a little oxblood bag-mine is more on the plummy side, but it looks more brown on other versions. I love it this time of year. If suede doesn't deter you, go for the blue since you love that one the most.
  8. I cannot disagree with the prior posts about the maintainance of the blue suede. But it is absolutely stunning. I would buy the blue and baby it. But that’s just me. Also I have enough bags to rotate and use in addition to it.
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  9. I think that blue is such a beautiful color but I agree with everyone about the upkeep of suede. Also, from what I recall of that oxblood one in your pictures, it also has suede on the sides. I think they're that honey color that a lot of the Rogues have on the inside suede.
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  10. Coach has a bunch of bags under the sale page and e-bates is 14% today :smile:
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  11. Tough call, I don't mind the suede because if you take care of it should be fine. I wouldn't be afraid to use it. The oxblood is also very nice. The upside to the suede is it is very light compared to the pebbled leather. I already have a suede rogue so I'm actually eyeing the oxblood too!
  12. I ordered the suede 36 from outlet. I returned. To much maintenance for me
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  14. Lol I had been looking for it! Can't believe you remembered! So sweet! It hardly ever gets listed. I think station85 had one for sale but I didn't bid due to the condition. This looks like it's in better condition. Thanks!
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  15. Didn’t you mention one was made in a shade of orange? I know you have a suede one too, that’s what’s makes me remember. I have an uncanny memory for listings and stuff on this forum.
    Now if I could only remember to call my mom on Sunday afternoons! :shocked:
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