Official Coach CHAT Thread!!!

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  1. Hi Coachies!!!

    I'm starting a new chat thread for all generic chatter, not necessarily Coach related. This is our own little place to chit chat about anything on our minds, and hopefully we can get to know each other a little better. :yes:

    Let the discussions begin!! :tup:
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  2. Hey Coachies! Let the chatter begin! :supacool:
  3. Okay, I have something to add that I found interesting when I was on a thread and remembered what I saw yesterday.

    I wrote this elsewhere and I was surprised that they have Factory Heritage Striped bags with thick nylon straps. They're a wee bit wider too. I didn't check to see if the lining or the cost. I was just stunned that the factory has their very own Heritage Stripe brand.

    It just goes to show that Factory made bags are a different style altogether and is refreshing to look through when I'm used to the boutique versions. I also noticed that they have lots and lots of gallery totes in regular and mini siggy as well as leather versions. I am still a little surprised that they make bright red with black siggy printed bags. The blood red is definitely eye catching. I don't think there were any in the boutiques before, eh?

    They had the factory ergo hobos too! I was totally impressed by that and was excited to get a large one for myself.

    The factories are very prolific in producing their very own brands of bags. It's like a different Coach world to the boutiques around me. The prices are great but it seems like such a different world at an outlet. The Buffalo Coach outlet store is beautiful. They really refurbished it with great lighting, lots of space, and tons of mirrors around. It's a very welcoming place and I enjoyed looking around there.

    That's my two cents in this discussion. I'm going to bookmark this thread too!
  4. Hi all...I've posted a few times in the Coach board, but am mostly just reading and learning. T-Girl, I think you're right about Coach Factory stores, it seems that the boutiques uphold the "luxury" image, but I'm pretty sure that the Factory stores pay the bills!:tup:
  5. Thanks for starting this thread, Baglady and Greenpixie! So Coachies, what do you plan on doing today? (It's a holiday for those of us in the U.S.) Do you have the day off? I have some errands to run today and maybe a stop by the mall. I don't think I'll be doing much shopping, though, as I need to make more money not spend it. :P
  6. Day off? What's that??? I'm working today :tdown:
  7. Aww, sorry pilotgirl. I know it's not a major holiday that everyone has off. Actually, most of my friends have to work today.

  8. Oh yeah, and there's actually animosity among some of the boutique and outlet SAs. The highest volume seller at the last conference in Orlando was an outlet SA that sold 5x the volume of the highest selling boutique SA!!!

    However, as far as the image aspect goes, if they really wanted to keep it separated outlet from boutique, they should offer sales within the boutiques rather than shipping the bags off to the outlets. Or provide some type of online venue, ebay or otherwise. If they sold between boutique and outlet prices online, there would be a ton of takers I'm sure. It would also put the Ebay power sellers out of business, which is what a lot of people want. IMO they end up selling retail bags for a lot less money at the outlets than they really need to. I understand they need to clear stock fast, but the typical outlet shopper is not going to pay anywhere near retail prices...and that's the issue. So they end up devaluing the retail bags as well as having to sell them for less. Also some of us are not located near an online venue would be awesome. Just look at the Ebay sales to see this is totally feasible!

    I think T-Girl said it before, but it really is almost like the boutiques are just fronts to advertise a few products (not consistently though since they don't always carry the same things) and sell to perhaps a few customers who don't care about the price or can't get to other stores. Sometimes I wonder why pay those overhead costs?? :confused1:

    I'm even at the point where I'm not sure they even have a chance at any "luxury image". I guess it depends on the definition of the customer, but I have personally never considered Coach a high end brand that has that sort of image. At this point, I personally think they are damaging what image they do have...even just from ticking off their loyal customer base.

    Ok, I came over to say "hi" and ended up talking Coach, lol! :P
  9. I am having a homemade smoothie and waiting for the local furniture store to come pick up my leather couch that is tearing after only a few months use! They better fix it!

    What is everyone else doing today..?
  10. I should be working, but so far, I haven't been too good about that, lol!

    Uh oh, Tara...and you thought you only had problems with leather Coach bags! I hope your couch gets replaced/fixed soon.

    Sorry also to those that have to work today. I think that's most people, though, unfortunately!
  11. Wow BagLady...I can't believe that top volume went to outlet sales. We've got a huge outlet by me and I've been told that they do a CRAZY amount of sales. I guess it makes sense...unfortunately, I'm a sucker and pay retail because I always love what's new...

    On a not Coach note, I'm at school (a teacher) today and we are definitely working this Columbus Day! When school's over its to the gym and maybe the mall. I've got some coupons to shop at Ann Taylor...
  12. I am off today because our school is closed. As far as putting the bags on sale, I think Coach shoul do like Dooney and have a "specials" section on its website. That is where Dooney sales bags at reduced prices. I always check it to see if something I wanted in the past is on sale since I rarely wear Dooney any more. I am pretty much a Coachie now. I also add a piece of Vera Bradley to my collection twice a year when they release new patterns. I love collecting the new Veras and getting the with purchase gifts.
  13. I wish I had today off of work! I have a huge presentation due tomorrow and NO TIME to get it done. :hysteric:

    It was crazy-windy here last night so I couldn't sleep either. I need a nap. :sleepy:
  14. Today is my random day off. I am home listing a bunch of Dooneys that I dont use anymore on *ebay to fuel my Coach legacy obsession.:P
  15. I'm having a busy day today. I'm currently at work until 3, and then will grab a late lunch/early dinner before I have more meetings and class.