Official Coach CHAT Thread!!!

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  1. Yes I have it in orange leather, pink suede and brown suede. I recently found it in blue suede also. It also came in green suede but I have not been interested in that color for some reason.
  2. Funny story- I returned something I bought online at Tory Burch and two former SAs from my main Coach store now work there! One of them recognized me right away when I walked in, and told me that the other also worked there and went to get her. My dh is exclaims, 'Hold on! You know sales associates in Tory Burch too!?!?" I was all, what can I say? I ended up cheating and got a bag on sale at TB today. :giggle::graucho:
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  3. Oh yay! I heard they were both working there. I'll have to stop by and see them although I don't know much about the brand!
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  4. When I walked in, I saw Kelly. What cracked me up was she immediately recognized me and says hello, then tells me she and Jessie were both there (Jessie used to be my go to SA) and went to get her. I got Jessie's email address in case TB becomes my next favorite brand. I got the McGraw slouchy tote with chain strap for less than half price. It's a cute bag. Not 1941 quality, but still really cute.
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  5. I ended up with the oxblood one, received yesterday. The color fills a need in my collection and I rediscovered a navy Nomad on my last giant purge so I really didn’t need another navy bag.
  6. That Rogue is just lovely. I am eyeing its twin in dark turquoise.
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  7. I love
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  8. OMG I've been eyeing this bag for a long time. I am hoping it goes on sale for 50% off....
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  9. Did anyone see that the new Cooper shoulder bag was on the 30% off sale yesterday? Now today it's regular price. Weird. I didn't buy it because I am not sure I would love it in any of the colors, though the Cadet is very pretty.
  10. The Thanksgiving 30% off sale is over which is why it's no longer in sale. Now it's transitioning to SAS.
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  11. How funny! Kelli was my go-to when she was at Coach!
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  13. Does Coach not have "live chat" on their site anymore? I couldn't find it earlier.
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  14. It’s weird! I did live chat last week. I scrolled down and it was shown as a link on the bottom footer near contact us but not on every page? I closed out of the site, reopened and scrolled down and there it was. So strange. It was like it disappeared the longer I was on the site lol