Official Bottega Veneta Resort 2020 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. Ditto on the pouch with a handle.
  2. like Veneta?
  3. And can we please stop with the too-long pants already? Just stop. Who wants to pay $1,100 for pants that drag on the dirty sidewalk as you sashay about? Even if you pick them up on sale for $450.
    I'll take "How 'bout nope" for $700 please Alex.

    Also? *sniff*sniff* I smell polyester. Oh sorry... "gabardine" and acetate.
    I just can't.

    Wait, let me say a nice thing...

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  4. for us, shorties, it's just a waste of fabric! even normal length is always 'too long' on us (speaking for all 155-165 cm Thumbelinas) let alone those ridiculous ones! it could, probably, make 2 full size pairs for us out of all that fabric! :facepalm:
  5. Look at those shoes :sick:
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  6. I hope I'm in the minority here because I really dislike this collection, even more than the previous collection.
  7. Is the resort collection intended to be sullen, depressing and ugly? I did like the chain necklace and one bag but overall I feel the collection way too severe. The shoes are completely hideous.
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  8. lol. Yeah they are reallllyyy ugly. Very boring.
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  9. For the whole collection, only this color is really nice. I wonder what bag styles will be offered in this color.

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  10. 32D1DF5D-D472-4C4E-9267-E48157093635.png Ever since this was first posted something familiar has been nagging my mind. I finally figured it out. In the men’s suits he has revived the Zoot Suit from the 1940’s! I am not old enough to have seen one, but my Dad used to laugh about a “ zoot suit with a reat pleat”. I present my evidence, bwah ha ha ha.
  11. Double posting ?.

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  12. Hmmm i wonder if sales are up cause people are snapping up the last pieces from the previous creative director. Am trying really hard to see my beloved bottega somewhere here.
  13. That may be the case!
  14. I was at the BV airport Copenhagen store a few days ago, and the S.A. told me, that the new designs are selling really well - also the designs that don’t look very much like BV.
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  15. At least in that one store, lol.
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