Official Bottega Veneta Resort 2020 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  2. Dear Guest,
    If you've been around here for a while, you may know that @Vlad and I love a good April Fools' Day joke that we try to pull off yearly. Many times, our members forget and we get them, one time making everyone turn into Vlad, another year with a garishly awful new design, and another year no matter what button you pressed we alerted you that you requested your account terminated. It's always brought us such joy to have fun with you all, especially when we try to pull off a forum wide joke one day a year.

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  1. I am with you that a lot of the changes are not for the better, but did you notice that suddenly a lot of bloggers and influencers are carrying BV? Maybe it is part of a new PR-strategy, and they have been gifted with new bags, but I noticed that some have found their old venetas (that I never saw them posing with before), and are showing them off on Instagram!
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  2. Yes, money speaks loudly.
  3. I have noticed this also. I follow a personal shopper on Instagram and she posted pictures today of box upon box of new Bottega shoes that she is shipping all over the world. It seems that anyone who was into "Old Celine" is now into "New Bottega". Personally, I do like some of the new stuff, but it is very different.
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    Shopping in very full Selfridges last Saturday afternoon I noticed the Bottega Veneta concession (opposite Hermes atm) was DEAD. Not sure I saw a single soul in there the whole time. I feel very sad for BV employees but I think the 'grand sweep' was too much, too soon. Businesses have to attract new customers no alienate the ones they have already.

    Not that London is the barometer of everything but although middle/smaller businesses are having hard time, it's a thriving destination for international brand shopping atm.

    Personally, I like Resort 2020 in terms of RTW and jewellery. Glad the old Knot hobo has returned, mine is still regularly used and woven version looks even better. Everything else accessory wise including bags looking better than previous Lee collections but not noteworthy.
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  5. I HATE the shoes.
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    I wanted to add a few other goodies I asked Carmel to include along with the mini Cabat.

    Black card case. Here I think the large weave is really architectural.

    Small Bordeaux pouch. A very nice surprise. And I’ve played with the strap so I have a clutch, crossbody, shoulder and hand carry option.
    A dress that I was hoping it’d go with.
  7. That Bordeaux is gorgeous. I love my crossbody pouches. This one will be hard to resist.
  8. I am not a big fan of the pouches (although it is growing on me), but as a crossbody it is really cute.
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  9. M
    I wasn’t either. And then I started looking more closely, tried one in grass (returned due to construction problems) but was still curious. And then I thought ‘what the heck’ I’ll consign one and boop! I liked it!
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  10. Awesome goodies! I prefer the large weave on an SLG vs on a bag. That pouch looks fabulous and I like how casual and fun it looks.
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  11. i still think looking down on the top is not a pleasant sight, lol. (Probably a holdover from my days as a practicing RN). But having it with a strap on it seems to make up for that!
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  12. Maybe I'll name her "Little V." And the red color ... well ya know...
  13. LOL. That is hilarious.
  14. Like a baboon's butt---ready for action.
    Sorry, I can go base really fast.
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  15. I hope I have not ruined this bag for you so that every time you pick it up, you start laughing. Or worse, you are at the movie or a play and look down and burst out laughing. Have I planted a seed?
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