Official Bottega Veneta Resort 2020 Thread - post pics & discuss here.


Oct 18, 2007
I hope I have not ruined this bag for you so that every time you pick it up, you start laughing. Or worse, you are at the movie or a play and look down and burst out laughing. Have I planted a seed?
Ruined it? Are you kidding?! I love it! It's my homage to the feminist movement. That's right bi**hes! I am proud! I have one and I carry one!

And in truth, I don't see it. I mean, I get it, but it's a cute little clam to me.

That’s an image I’ll NEVER be able to wash out :shocked:
At least its memorable!


Feb 8, 2015
London via New York
I'm quite into this one. Resort 2020. Credit to milliescampion via newbottega.
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is this available? I love it! Suddenly New Bottega has really gotten to me. I really love the BV classic bags, the Arco, the puffy cassette (it's a piece of art). I still like the classic Bottega as well. I do see a little bit of a Celine vibe going on and I really like it!
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