Ode to the cervo loop (& tote)

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  1. Grazie, m'lady. I remember we saw them in the boutique in summer of 2014, so not too far off.
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  2. I was thisclose to getting the one on the bay but stopped myself!
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  3. Rejoining the cervo family with my medium Cervo Loop in Denim. What a great color. I like its dusty tones, not a flat blue at all. Glad I listened to @Bagcoolie and gave Denim a chance. Thank you!
    @grietje Thank you for sharing pics of yours too. It surely helped me in my decision. My sweet SA sent chocolates too. IMG_20181215_200057.jpg IMG_20181215_200011.jpg IMG_20181215_193421.jpg IMG_20181215_200152.jpg
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  4. Absolutely gorgeous shade in chewy leather! Congrats!
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  5. Beautiful Cervo bag and the color is gorgeous
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  6. Thank you! The leather is definitely thick and chewy.
    Thank you. The color is very versatile and a joy to carry.
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  7. Just noticed this bag online in Dark Cement with a brownish tan trim. Has anyone seen this IRL? Just wondering how the color compares to Steel or Limestone. I have this bag in Dark Barolo and it’s a nice casual bag.
  8. I saw this bag in Hong Kong recently. I was told the main colour was Cement (don't recall her saying "Dark", although it may have been) and the accent was Steel.
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  9. Large cervo Loop in 2014 Aubergine, 2016 Barolo and 2013 Brique

    Cloudy day by the window no flash
    Clouby day by the window with flash
    Cloudy day by the window lights on
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  10. Chicka bow wow

    C2D162B7-E8F0-4F2B-9C06-C07277F0B919.jpeg 48A05006-4AE9-45B2-9EEE-A9E7A2A22C31.jpeg 9305F6C6-8868-4EDB-83AF-4DC5B3CCCA2E.jpeg E8BFF2E8-BACA-4CA8-B85B-113EB0E5FEC1.jpeg 28653529-3B53-490E-AF04-805B3E64DB29.jpeg
  11. Even though I have absolutely no memory of starting this thread, I want to add my cervo loop in Cement accented with New Steel....


    brighter lighting
  12. I am a fairly new BV fan and love Cervo. Recently purchased the cervo medium tote preloved in both steel and nero. Would anyone be able to tell all the colors that were available in this style? Screenshot_2019-08-29 Bottega Veneta® - STEEL CERVO MEDIUM TOTE.png
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  13. Denim, Latte (off-white/ivory)...
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  14. I’m interested to know how this style ages? Does it retain shape well? It’s obviously totally different from the other cervo styles discussed here.

    E x