Ode to the cervo loop (& tote)

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  1. Is this the larger size? Yayyyyyyyy!

    When I inquired on mine in mid November, there were six left in the United States. I guess BV fans are getting their large ones while they can!
  2. Yes, it is the larger size! I am completely in :heart:. I don't think I will ever move out of it!
  3. Yay, Twinnie!!! :ghi5:
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  4. I’m scared. Should I get one while I can....if it’s not too late already? What if I decide to add black to my closet? I will be up a creek without a paddle. I just found cervo! Will my only future option be mugging G for hers and trying to outrun her?! I never thought Barolo would work for me but now I’m in love with it. What are they going to discontinue next?!
  5. It would certainly be tempting. After only a week of owning it, I’m wondering why I didn’t get one years ago. I wear black, I love black, BV Black Cervo is divine. There’s something extra luxe about it. The style is super easy.

    Diane, what we can go is trade Cervo loops for a week. I’ll take your Quetsche and you take my Nero and see if you actually would wear the color. Or, NM has the bag so you could buy from there and they offer returns if you end up not liking the color for you.
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  6. What I’m learning is that the cervo loop is a real workhorse. It’s pretty much indestructible, as far as I can tell. Knowing that NM has it takes some pressure off. When I saw yours in Carmel, I could see how supple and rich it looked. I didnt know then that it was about to become extinct.
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  7. I texted Danah and she told me there was only one left in the BV stores as of this afternoon. I took that as an omen and grabbed it. (NM still has the large listed on its site so I’m not actually getting the last one in the US.).
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  8. It’s only a handbag...it’s only a handbag....
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  9. I bought mine since six months ago and have carried it everyday. Because the contents don’t pool to the center like they do in the larger size it carries better.
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  10. A comparison between sloane and medium loop - thought it might be interesting for folks who felt that the medium loop resembles the sloane.

    Medium loop looks smaller. Personally, I think medium loops looks better when not carried but sloane looks better when carried because of the drape and weaves.

    image1.JPG image2.JPG image3.JPG image4.JPG
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  12. Thank you! Very helpful - especially for a Sloane-owner contemplating the cervo loop.....
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  13. Glad that this post is helpful :smile:
  14. What year did the large Cervo Loop, in this iteration, appear? Was that 2014?

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  15. The (original) Cervo Loop was introduced for Fall/Winter 2013 I believe. :flowers:
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