Scarves Ode to Parures de Samouraïs

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  2. No, I haven't forgotten it, it's just that the store didn't have it anymore when I went back yesterday! And then now, the funds I would have used for this need to appropriated elsewhere.

    I do find myself thinking: Does DH *really* need a car??? Do I *have* to send the boy to summer camp???

    This is how I know I am officially scarf-crazy.
  3. reminds me of this (SCNR) - I hope you understand this kind of humor...
    Real problems.png
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  4. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
    Yes, this is exactly how I feel!!!
  5. It's gorgeous on you Joannadyne! You have a beautiful smile, by the way :smile:
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  6. Thanks for doing this B!

    Croisette and moma, CW02 looks gorgeous on you both! This is the one I am most drawn to.
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  7. IMG_8388.JPG Hi Samurai fans! Thank you, BBC, for starting this thread! Everyone looks FABULOUS!!!!
    Here is mine in 07.
  8. IMG_8388.JPG Sorry to repost. The pic shows up on my iPhone but didn't show on my computer screen. Here is my 07.
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  10. Love ALL these pics! A lady in a beautiful scarf is timeless femininity, IMO.
    Seriously need one in every color! #scarfgoals
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  11. Congratulation on your first Samurai, Ladybaga!
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  12. Soooooo pretty against your pink top Ladybaga!
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  13. Thanks, BBC for starting this thread. Just picked CW 13 and totally love it.
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  14. Love 07 on you, @Ladybaga!

    Just an aside, but did anyone else crack up when the preview picture for this thread showed this image?? I think it shows THE STRUGGLE IS REAL when it comes to choosing a Samourai colorway! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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  15. I totally get it - with H I feel like there's always a deadline - Get It NOW before it's gone!!!! Ack ack ack!!! - that sometimes conflicts with whatever else is going on in my life. And summer activities have gotten RIDICULOUSLY expensive (I pay more for DSs to go for three weeks than my parents paid for me to go for the whole summer!) But as these are just trickling into the stores I do think you have a little window of time to plot your next purchase. [emoji41]
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