Scarves Ode to Parures de Samouraïs

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  1. Totally agree there! Hahaa so maybe I should be good with the 90 silks. Heehee
  2. Aren't we all??? [emoji38]
    And I had strictly pure motives for starting this thread...didn't want to be enabled at all [emoji56][emoji56][emoji56]
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  3. No I didn't. I have be good.
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  4. Hahha.. Hmm... What does this mean... That something even better is coming your way. :P
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  5. Today I returned 01 colorway, expecting to walk out with 08, which was on hold for me. BUT......I didn't. In fact I had a pile of blue scarves in front of me and just started laughing. Lots of reasons: 75% of my scarves are blue, I am trying to cut down on 90s, I already have a bunch of Samourais. I did get some new stuff, but not the Samourais I was so sure about. I still have 02, 06, 07 here to decide between.....(and they all have blue, lol) It's a fabulous scarf. That is all.
  6. Too funny moma - did you just decide you have enough Samouraïs? I have 08 on hold in my store (they got three colours in yesterday) and am going to see it on Friday. I would love to see 02 but that doesn't seem to have been released here in the UK. Maybe it will come later.
    If your other new scarf is the one you posted on SOTD......I LOVE IT!!! [emoji7][emoji7]
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  7. Yes, and there is one more I'll post today, if I have time.
    My SA said they hadn't gotten in 02 (Madison Ave!!). I'm pretty sure you will love 08. So which CWs will you end up with? (Must save room for shawls also!)
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  8. I keep forgetting to come here and post my photos! Here we go!
    CW 07

    CW 13

    CW 6 (The top I'm wearing puts this cw in a bad light - it's so much prettier than this!)
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  9. Here's a few more assorted CWs:
    CW 05

    CW 01

    CW 14
  10. And finally, CW 8, the one that swept me off my feet!

    I know someone has asked for a shot with a navy top. I was surprised to discover I only own one navy top (!) and it's (still) in the hamper. I promise to do laundry this weekend so I can snap a photo for you!
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  11. Thought I'd post a couple photos from yesterday's visit to the Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum. I'm in TX for a week and was hoping to have the scarf on during the tour but my home store didn't have my color way in before I left :sad:

    IMG_5494.JPG IMG_5495.JPG
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  12. Oh, how wonderful, hoot!!!! I'll be there on Tuesday, and am possibly dragging my brother and his family along as well as another friend. I am somewhat concerned because my brother has no clue how obsessed I am about scarves and I'm not particularly keen on putting myself up for display, lol. Plus he has two little ones - ages 4 and 2, and I'm afraid they might get too squirrelly at this museum. I know mine couldn't do it, and he's 7. How much time do you think I should allot for the visit?

    Also, the armor looks so small! Do you think the material may have shrunk over time or were people just smaller back then??
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  13. So far I have 01 and 05. My justification for 02 is that I will then have all colours that I wear covered. But of course, it may not suit me.......[emoji6]
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  14. These are amazing! Thanks
  15. It will be perfect to do with your family. It's only one floor and plenty of room for a stroller if needed. I'd say it would take an hour to get through if you read the descriptions. Much less if you just walk through and look. If the kids get bored, there's places to sit inside and even areas outside to wait.
    We were the only ones there at the time we visited. (Right before noon on Tuesday)
    I brought some family who live in TX who never heard of the museum and they were happy they went. It's interesting. I'm positive you will enjoy it! The armor is indeed very small. I just assumed they were smaller back then. ;)

    I can't wait to see photos of you modeling the beautiful scarves there! Enjoy!