Scarves Ode to Parures de Samouraïs

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  1. Thank you Croisette! You inspired me to buy this pink one. If I get a second, I would love to try on 05. I think those colors are so striking!
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  2. Thank you GNIPPOHS! When I first saw this scarf (as a tiny postage stamp version) I didn't think it would appeal to me. Once I saw everyone's beautiful mod shots, I was hooked, big time! I am easily enabled! :lol:
  3. Thank you Joannadyne!
    I really enjoy your pics! I think you need every Samurai! They all look so good on you!
  4. What's the problem...HERMES, OF COURSE!!!
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  5. I've been wondering how come no one started an ode to Samouräi yet? Thank you for starting this thread, my dear scarf twin, @BBC!

    This week is a lot of on the road for me so didn't get to sign onto tPF till now. I'm so bad with the tPF app.

    I think my debate of whether to get 03 is done. I have to fill up that missing piece before I have to pay a fortune.

    Here's a little contribution for now. I'll try to take some mod shots / comparison pics of other details in the next few days.

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  6. Holy smokes Cavalla, this is amazing!!! Can't you just move closer to me so we can share??? [emoji38][emoji8] I am soooo thrilled to see you here (and your awesome scarves, too!) .....hahaha are you excited or afraid for this coming out in a GM format? [emoji56]
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  7. :faint: :heart: Fabulous, cavalla! :heart:
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  8. So...which one's your favourite so far? :graucho:

  9. AFRAID!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
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  10. Great scarves, great picture! You MUST fill that gaping hole!!:smile:
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  11. Oh no, I can't answer it yet. So far I only got to look at 05 in detail then I couldn't move my eyes away from it. It is amazing and I'm bedazzled with it. The gold on it feels noble and intricate. It feels surreal to see such complexity on silk. And I've since unboxing worn a purple and a red top so paired them both with 08 and couldn't believe how sheeny that light blue seems and pops. It brightens up everything! My face, my day, I almost feel "royal" with that blue. I can't look closely at other CWs yet. I haven't fully processed the pleasure with the two yet.
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  12. Since the first photos of PdS came out in the Spring 2017 scarf thread, I knew I'd certainly be tempted by 2 or 3 cw's. Now, my list is up to 6 cw's -- this is the first 90cm design I'm getting in multiples -- and it does not feel strange to want 6!!! :amuse:

    I've made myself pause for a couple of weeks to see if I still truly want (need) more. :angel: Looking forward to the pastel coloured 02, the dramatic 14, and even the bright and happy 13.. still on the fence between 08 and 04. I'll see what this week brings!
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  13. Haha - I made this same pic with the four CWs that I have, but this is totally awesome. YES, you need the last one - or it will look like you have a missing tooth!
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  14. Ohhh myyyyy dear! Ahaha this is awesome!
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  15. cavalla, if you get the last one, we both are twins of the whole set! Like a philatelist!
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