Scarves Ode to Parures de Samouraïs

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    By SM
    It's coming in CSGM this fall.
    We are sooooo in trouble!!!
  2. I spent 1/2 hour of my life today trying to decide between cw02 and cw04.

    Do not count 02 out. It is so amazing IRL - a very sophisticated cw. It was not even on my list of cws I liked, but when I put it on, it was perfect - reads like a neutral on me. Also a perfect match for jeans. The SA knew it will only be a week or two 'til I get the other one - waiting for a few transfers to come in. Will post a few pics as soon as I can.
  3. This pic is triggering my OCD, Cavalla - you need to go fix this!!!
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  4. I was asked by dear BBC to add this picture to this thread. Sorry, if some of you have already seen this cw featured here. Have a lovely weekend all of you! [emoji521] IMG_1490475015.970444.jpg
  5. [emoji92]Thank you!!!![emoji92] this is so fabulous on you!
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  6. I ordered cw 14 and it arrived early this week. Took it out, tied a bias fold, shrugged my shoulders. I didn't care for. Oh well, i figured, I bought it sight unseen for and it is easy to make a mistake. I set it aside to return.

    Last night I thought to show it to my husband before it went back. He was way too tired to care about this scarf. But then I began to really look at it. And I realized, this scarf is genius!!

    I am excited to show you some photos. All with navy tee shirt. First, something simple:
  7. IMG_9617.JPG
  8. FullSizeRender.jpg Invert that:
  9. IMG_9661.JPG
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  10. IMG_9729.JPG
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  11. IMG_9737.JPG
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  13. All these are just cw 14. This scarf has more range than most I have. It was so much fun playing with it that I stayed up too late! Sorry these photos are so large! Thank you for letting me share the fun :heart::smile::smile:
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  14. I hope you've changed your mind on returning it because it's absolutely stunning on you, weibandy! Thank you for all the mod shots!
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