Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

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  1. Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 everyone!! This sale is a holiday in its own right and we know how much you all love it too!

    When sharing your purchases or items you are looking at, please post a link to the item on Nordstrom's site in this thread. Not only does it let everyone easily check out the items you are looking at, but it helps us too as we are partners with Nordstrom. We're a small team and always appreciate the support, so if you are shopping online, we'd love for you to shop through our links.

    GIVEAWAY ALERT: To celebrate the occasion, we are giving away EIGHT $200 Gift Cards to 8 different tPFers during the Anniversary Sale! Click here to find out how to enter. Good luck and happy shopping!

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  2. Didn’t see Jag.

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  3. I am in big trouble because I love those black patent boots!

    I’m thinking they must be adding more, just because some of the most popular designers aren’t showing up, like Eric Javits. Seems shocking to me that brand isn’t involved.
  4. Thank you!
    I am looking for Wacoal bras. I got three from last year's sale and need more :smile:

    I get at least two pairs of shoes every NAS and this year will be no different lol

    Nadri had Edwardian ear crawlers in the sale a few years ago. Just an FYI, they are at Bloomingdales and qualify for 20% off buy more save more (bought just them and nothing else to get that discount). They are very pretty.
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  5. I really think I need this.

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  6. Thank you so much!
  7. I feel like there are still a lot more items that need to be added to the sale. I have access to buy and pick up in LA area.....but I have lived 1500 miles away for over 3 years now. Maybe they still have me listed as LA because my new state does not have a Nordstrom location to update me to? Oh well. I like being able to see things, but a lot is missing. I'm even noticing items that were in the electronic catalog that are not in the buy now pick up in 2 weeks selection (that's how I explained it to my husband).
    I'm happy to share additional info. Thanks to everyone who has been sharing!
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  8. I'm excited for those Ugg sneaker boots. I got some right after Christmas and I wanted to live in them. I was so bummed when it got too warm! The look book ones are the same concept but a little less plain.
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  9. Has anyone else had trouble adding their Nordstrom card to their account? Ever since they switched over to the new wishlist, I have been having trouble with the payment methods options.
  10. Do you have the item number for the BP Button Long Front Sleeve Waffle Knit Top?
  11. I did- you will need to contact CS. It is an IT issue. I could not enter the payment either and they had to help me.
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  12. Thanks so much for posting this!
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  13. I added it to my list. I hope this is a sleeper buy.
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  14. Well there goes my budget. Thanks! I’m going to need at least two sets of those BP cozy joggers/tops.
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  16. Oh, that is so cute!
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