Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

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  1. Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 everyone!! This sale is a holiday in its own right and we know how much you all love it too!

    When sharing your purchases or items you are looking at, please post a link to the item on Nordstrom's site in this thread. Not only does it let everyone easily check out the items you are looking at, but it helps us too as we are partners with Nordstrom. We're a small team and always appreciate the support, so if you are shopping online, we'd love for you to shop through our links.

    GIVEAWAY ALERT: To celebrate the occasion, we are giving away EIGHT $200 Gift Cards to 8 different tPFers during the Anniversary Sale! Click here to find out how to enter. Good luck and happy shopping!

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  2. Does the Grandma Stitch Cardigan run short? Looks kinda cute so am wondering. I didn't see it in my store.
  3. I always thought this too! I figured that not all inventory would arrive ahead of the beginning of the sale and trucks with inventory were still arriving as early access went on, therefore creating “restocks” for the public sale.
  4. I really don’t think they could encourage NAS returns more if they tried. Lack of inventory, inconsistent sizing, inability to try on in stores, creating the “stalking” mentality.... people hoard things and then “get over it” after the hype (which Nordstrom creates) ends, and return it all later. You have to buy now think later at this sale. Its literally the only way to get what you want. It’s hard for me to believe that they don’t realize that they are creating their own return problem. Last year with all the multiple orders going out they couldn’t have been shocked when people returned the duplicates... especially after they refused to fix the problem at the time of the duplicates and claimed there was nothing they could do until all the multiple orders shipped out. They also handed out gigantic notes to the people (like me) who got ten of the same order, when there were for sure going to be massive returns. I mean, this stuff does not take a marketing degree to figure out :facepalm:
  5. My store back in the day absolutely did do this holding back of inventory. Like the SAs would say “we have that size in the back but we are required to hold one of each size for public access. You can get it on Friday morning.” They literally said this every year. Maybe it was that particular store’s choice to have that policy and not company-wide? It was Mall of America (oh the good ole days when MoA was “my mall”) :smile:
  6. This gentleman needs an IG account, stat. :heart:
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  7. You need the Nordstrom card to access the sale early; but you don't need to use the Nordstrom card to purchase either for the early access in store or early access online.
  8. Awe... thank you! He’s my little love bug. The kids are getting older so they won’t let me dress them anymore. So glad my boo loves dressing up. Lol
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  9. You do to purchase early access online. It's either Nordstrom card, rewards certs or gift certs and evidently some stores also required the same payment types this year.
  10. You know what’s weird is the SF store was super lax during early access. Anyone could go beyond the yellow tape and they didn’t ask to see your Nordstrom card at any point. I joked with the SA when I was paying that some stores were turning people away and he was basically like “money is money”
  11. Went to the Pacific Centre store yesterday in Vancouver. It wasn't super busy when I arrived at 11 a.m. but it was definitely buzzing by the time I finished with womenswear and headed down to beauty.

    For clothing, I was overall a bit disappointed by the selection, and I felt like stock was more limited than last year. I usually am able to stock up on bras in store, but most in my size were sold out. I really like the sweaters I purchased, but I'm not sure the quality is amazing for any of them, and am concerned about pilling. It's SO hard to find non-pilling items nowadays, sadly, regardless of price point.

    I ended up with the following:
    CHELSEA28 Cowl Neck Sweater - Orange Jam Heather
    (does run a bit large, I did size down, but mostly because I'm short, and the sleeves are a bit long. Would have been fine with the slouchy look of my usual size if I was tall)

    Halogen® Wool & Cashmere Long Cardigan - Rust Sequoia
    (TTS for me. Not as thick as the long Halogen Wool Cashmere sweaters as the last NAS sale. I thought I would need a petite, but the I like the extra length on the sweater to make it more of a duster, and because the sleeves are slimmer, they don't look bad folded a bit)

    Nordstrom Signature Funnel Neck Cashmere Sweater - Beige String Heather
    (really soft and lovely, and I love the neck; it's structural, but not stiff. I went for a bit of an oversized look by going with my usual size, but I am considering sizing down)

    BP. Sleepy Lounge Tee - White x 2
    (I'll use these as a layering piece for some of my casual long cardigans (i.e. Barefoot dreams, but personally wouldn't wear on its own. I sized down one, could do two down as well, but wanted to not worry about shrinking)

    Zella Live In High Waist Crop Kick Flare Leggings
    (haven't tried either pair of Zellas on, grabbed them last minute)

    Zella Live In High Waist Pocket 7/8 Leggings

    Chantelle Lingerie Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra - Black, Cappuccino
    (probably my favourite bra, so a no brainer for me)

    It seemed like the selection in Beauty was a bit improved, but there were still a few things I would have liked to have seen in store. I was planning on picking up the Le Labo set, as I love Another 13, but I sprayed Santal 33, and *on me*, it smelled like wet gym socks. Yuck. It's a huge favourite from this line, so I think it was just me. After the sale, I'll use my notes to pick up a full size Another 13 or Bergamote 22, with which I may love more. Typically, I would buy the NeuLash items, but I was a bit lazy this year in applying, so I still have plenty.

    For shoes, jewelry, handbags and accessories, there wasn't anything that was a must have for me, but I'll go back this week and take a closer look.

    I bought:
    simplehuman 8 Inch Round Sensor Mirror Pro
    NARS Afterglow Mini Lip Balm Duo
    Nordstrom Vintage Cubic Zirconia Ear Crawlers
    (smaller than I thought they would be; they seem to stay put, but as pointed out by another poster, the post is quite long. I'm tempted to take some wire cutters to them!)
    Nordstrom 3ct tw Cubic Zirconia Earrings
    (I thought these were the 1ct, not sure if they were mislabelled - my receipt says 3 ct)

    I did like the look of the Brianna Paul Green booties in Mineral Grey

    As well as the Ray-Ban Highstreet Sunglasses -- which would be a departure from my more classic taste in eyewear:

    Ordered a few more items when the stock was updated last night (just happened to refresh my wishlist before going to bed, and most items were there!) Will post those separately.

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  12. Which style? I’m stalking for (maybe) my size in the flares.
  13. I received mine today and they worked ok. They did not hang off or poke me in the head. Think you have to try on...
  14. Those people would not have been able to buy, though, if they didn't have a card that granted them early access. It's interesting your store was so lax, in my store I got stopped countless times that I did get a bit agitated towards the end and asked what was the point of the black bracelet if I was going to be constantly told (not asked, mind you) that the area was for Icon only.
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  15. They do provide emails to their employees, true but at SA level and such you are getting your emails via the register. Most employees are not checking it every day, don't bother or don't have time to check it much less read it. Especially now with everyone using their phones to keep track of their customers, there really is no use to use it and those that do use it are ones that have regular email accounts and can access with Outlook etc. SA's are trying to get sales etc.

    I don't know if that has changed in the past few years, but it was awkward and outdated. When I found out that SA's didn't have access to regular email when I had been trying to contact them and got no answer, ever... it was mildly irritating.
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  16. Curious if anyone has purchased, or tried on the Nordstrom Signature Crewneck Mohair Blend Sweater? (Item #5799580) If, so, thoughts on quality and fit? I'm also interested in what the colour might look like IRL, as it's called "Marled Grey / Green", but doesn't look it. I noticed that there's polyamide in the fabrication, so not sure if it's worth the price point, or what it would feel like, and if the mohair is itchy. TIA!

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