Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

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  1. Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 everyone!! This sale is a holiday in its own right and we know how much you all love it too!

    When sharing your purchases or items you are looking at, please post a link to the item on Nordstrom's site in this thread. Not only does it let everyone easily check out the items you are looking at, but it helps us too as we are partners with Nordstrom. We're a small team and always appreciate the support, so if you are shopping online, we'd love for you to shop through our links.

    GIVEAWAY ALERT: To celebrate the occasion, we are giving away EIGHT $200 Gift Cards to 8 different tPFers during the Anniversary Sale! Click here to find out how to enter. Good luck and happy shopping!

    Support tPF and shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale by using this link!
  2. Thanks for the info. It might be good as a winter foot balm. I’ve been using the Kiehls hand salve as a foot cream so I don’t mind herbally/medicinal scents.
  3. Does anyone know if Eric javits will be part of the sale?
  4. Finally was able to get an appointment on July 10th for the presale before the presale. Last year they opened early on presale day, but I guess they aren't opening early on the pre-presale days. July 12 and 13 my store is open an hour earlier at 9 am instead of 10.
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  5. Thanks so much!
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  6. Do we have more details on the skincare stuff that will be included yet? Hoping there's some good options again this year.
  7. My SA reached out to me a little while ago asking when I wanted to book. My daughter is joining me so we had to wait until the afternoon of the 9th. Might as well enjoy my last year at Icon status. I’ve been busy and not shopping as much and as already mentioned, for those of us living in the Midwest, the perks don’t really add up.
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  8. I wonder if it would be worth my time (45 minute drive) to go into Nordstrom and do the same?
  9. I’m not making an appt this year.
    My experiences with shopping via a SA during the sale has widely varied. 3-4 years ago, I loved it. It WAS like Christmas with my fitting room already stocked with items I had my eye on and other items the stylist thought were great, not-to-be-missed. The last two years, the pre-stocked fitting room has suffered from lack of store merchandise and my store not letting the SA’s pull merchandise early. My other major complaint with shopping with an appointment is that I always feel rushed. They only allotted an hour, two tops per shopper (at my store). Lastly, I would feel bad when/if I returned items. So, when I called to make an appt for the 9th and the SA told me it wasn’t really necessary this year...that Icons will be issued a bracelet and they can shop at their leisure, I happily chose that route.
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  11. I think technically that's how it's always been, but the last few years there was one manager that uploaded it to his Google Drive or Dropbox and shared it.

    Frankly if I have to go to the store to view it, I am less likely to make an appointment, and less interested overall.

    I used to do that, but the last few years getting someone to do that with me has been like pulling teeth so I've been happy to see the whole thing in here.
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  12. I also thought technically they weren’t supposed to share it, so I’ve always been really excited to get access to it. Hopefully another manager will find it in their heart to kindly share it again this year :smile:
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  13. Surprise!

    I haven’t even looked at these but I glanced and don’t see prices.

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  14. Here’s another

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  15. And I’m working shoes

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