New Version of 75th Anniversary Saddle Bag...For Science!

  1. I haven't been to FOS in forever. Can you remind me of the link?
  2. Just curious to know how everyone is enjoying their saddle bags. Are they wearing well and comfortable to carry? Any issues or negatives to this style?

    I have my eye on the burgundy one (dept store version) and am just waiting for a great deal!
  3. My outlet finally received 75th anniversary saddle, dinky and duffle bags. Also, they had wallets. I really like the dinky. :smile:
  4. Saw there is now a small version of the saddle bag. So cute! IMG_1483313020.754594.jpg
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  5. The little one is cute. I don't care for the large ones. They just seem so plain for the size. They look bigger than the original Patricia's Legacy they are copying, more like a messenger bag than a purse. I saw the large ones at Macy's and wasn't impressed with the leather. I'd rather have an original.
  6. Oooooo that's cute!! I've been wanting the larger version for awhile but, like whateve said, it felt more like a messenger bag. Just couldn't pull the trigger. Where did you see this one and what are they calling it? I'm curious about the measurements.
  7. It was at Dillard's. It even had the back slip pocket like the big version! I didn't catch the name or style number, so sorry, but if I go back I'll definitely get the info!
  8. Oh great thanks! Yeah it's a cutie. I don't see it on Dillards website. They have any other colors besides black and saddle?
  9. They had navy too, very dark but gorgeous. Just went to another Dillard's, so here's the tag. It's about 7" wide x 6" tall x 2.5" deep. And best of all, on the longest holes, the drop is 24". I'm 5"6 and like crossbody styles lower and it was perfect!

    If has the same exact inside as the bigger one. Zipped main pocket with slip pocket under flap and slip pocket in back. Very cute!

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  10. Oh awesome you're the best! Thanks for all the info! Sounds like a pretty roomy bag for a small crossbody. I love that the strap is longer that the reg one. The reg one fell a little shorter than I cared for on me. Are the interior colors the same as the larger one? Is the outside flap the same as reg one - no closure?
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  11. Thank you! I could be swayed for this as a summer bag for vacas and such. Something I don't need to worry much about. Love that they kept the back slip pocket!
  12. I just measured my regular size burgundy and the drop is about 22" so the small one is about 2" longer. Hopefully that could work for you! :smile:

    The outside flap is the same with no closure. I only looked at the black one inside and remember it being "dark" inside but can't recall the color. Hopefully it will pop up online somewhere soon!
  13. Just checked the drill down and look at this color! I'm normally not a blue person but the navy inside looks awesome.

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