New Version of 75th Anniversary Saddle Bag...For Science!

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  1. While surfing Bloomingdale's site I came across what they advertised as a "Saddle Bag in Glovetanned Leather." This piqued my curiosity. I know that there are re-issues of the Dinky bags that were made for stores that carry Coach that don't have all the bells and whistles that you can buy directly through Coach. The stock photo looks more square than the rounded saddle bag re-issues, it says it is leather lined, and it roughly had similar dimensions to the medium size saddle bags. It comes in 2 colors: black and burgundy. I decided to take a chance on it...for science! Now...if you are looking for the closest thing you can get to the original 9170 bag, this is it!!! The "leather lined" is a bit deceiving though, only the underside of the flap is leather lined. The rest of the bag is the cloth with Coach woven into it. This bag is like they took the "classic" remakes they used to sell and really amped them up. My sister had one of those and I remember her commenting that the leather felt plastic-y. This leather is soft and to me feels like genuine leather. It has the gunmetal hardware and contrasting red stitching. There is a slip pocket on the back of the bag and under the flap and it has the zip top. The story patch even says it is limited edition.

  2. Looks lovely and what a great find! I like how the main compartment is zippered. Is there a slip pocket on the outside in the back?
  3. Yes, there is a slip pocket on the back.
  4. Looks very nice!
  5. Thanks for the pics and info. I was curious about these. I think the leather lining is what sold me on the 1941 bags. I do think this is an excellent price for this size.
  6. Hi. The Lord and Taylor website also has the glove tanned saddle bag in burgundy for $395. There is a 25% off friends and family sale going on (today is the last day). Perhaps this is a dept store exclusive like you said, it looks nice. Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Very nice! Congrats!
  8. This actually looks like a reissue of Patricia's Legacy, not the Saddle Bag. Weird how they decided to name it that way
  9. That's what I thought too, but the storypatch says saddle bag. I think that Patricia's Legacy might have been an early upadated version of the saddle bag. Sometimes they all meld together and look the same except for few minor details including different style numbers.
  10. I saw this in the burgundy color at Lord & Taylor.
  11. I purchased this in black from Bloomies yesterday. Sale started today so I did the presale for 25% off. I have the anniversary saddle in fog but actually like this better only b/c I prefer the full back outside slip pocket than the little add on pocket the regular saddles have. I also am more of an east/west bag girl and that's what this is. The interior zipper I'll keep open for easier access but its a nice addition for security and IMO it does add structure to the upper flap part of the bag. The interior is a burgundy satin (true interior, interior of flap is burgundy leather). I was tempted by the burgundy but just purchased a burgundy bag at the outlet that I'm living in right now so no need. Couldn't pass up the deal. Can never have enough black bags! :smile: Thanks for sharing!
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    Just an FYI if you looking for this bag on bloomingdales site, because they are having 20% or 25% off, depending on how you pay and spend, but this is in the search all, did not come up in just the regular search for some reason
  13. If I search Coach bag it comes up, but not in Coach saddle bag. I just called and got my bag price adjusted for the 25% off.
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  14. glad to hear you got a PA, makes it even better :smile:
  15. image.jpeg Hi. Just saw that Dillard's online carries this bag in 6 colors. I am really liking the Forest color. (Sorry for the large pic -- don't know how to adjust size on new TPF).
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