New Version of 75th Anniversary Saddle Bag...For Science!

  1. Sorry, late reply! So I saw these at Dillard's again yesterday and stand corrected. My phone does fit horizontally in the back pocket. I have a iPhone 7 (not plus) with a basic Kate Spade case.

    I think when I tried it last time the saddle bag was stuffed with so much stuffing that the pocket was tight. The one yesterday had minimal stuffing so it slid in horizontally just fine. I also tried the under flap slip pocket and it fits horizontally in there too, a little easier than the back slip pocket.

  2. Oh great, thanks for checking! These are such cuties and they really give you that classic feel. Did they have the blue one? What color is the interior on the black one (same as the larger size- oxblood/maroon?)? Not that I need another black bag, but it looks great in that style. Lol
  3. Oh my goodness, I forgot to check the inside of the black again!!! I blame it on getting old. :smile:

    However, good news is the blue is on Dillard's site and called Lapis. It has gunmetal hardware. They also have a deep coral.

  4. They look like fun colors! I wonder if they look the same irl as they do in the online pix. If you see them in person let me know what you think. I'm curious.
  5. Will do! Should be at the mall again soon. Have birthday money from my mom burning a hole in my pocket.
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  6. has the coral and lapis in the 18 size. .
  7. Great! Zappos has them now too with good inside shots of each color. Black has what I think is oxblood inside.
  8. Have you seen coral in person? Bright? Muted? I'll check out Zappos.
  9. I haven't. Curious about it IRL too. Will let you know if I do! :smile:
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  10. The Bay has these on their site for interested Canadians, in 'orange,' 'blue,' 'brown,' black, and navy. (Lord, I hate their website. It's so useless and the colours are always wrong.)
  11. Here's a pic of the Deep Coral. I thought it was a really pretty shade of orange and I did not see the pink undertones I would expect from the name.

  12. Oh thanks for the pic! It looks like a reddish-orange color? That accurate? Corals can range so much.
  13. Ladies what is the white bag on the top row in the middle please?
  14. I believe that looks like a Brooklyn.

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  15. Yes, sounds right! It reminded me of the orange crayon in a box of Crayolas. :smile:
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