New Version of 75th Anniversary Saddle Bag...For Science!

  1. I like this! I already have Snoopy in blue though.
  2. Totally agree about the back pocket. Perfect for the phone or whatever.
  3. 2" longer would be so much better. Thx for checking!

    I know the reg size black one has a burgundy like interior. I just get tired of black bags with black interior lol.
  4. !!!! Blue is one of my fav colors - esp bright. LOVE this! I might be a goner. Yikes. So you think Coach will be selling this bag or just other retailers. I'd like to see this pop up on FOS with a nice sale price.
  5. Me too! Either of you know what the color name is?

    Dang I need to stay on the island!
  6. No idea what the color name will be. For Snoopy, it was just called blue, which is really unusual for Coach.
  7. Ah gotcha. Now hopefully it will be as vivid as the drilldown pic. Hate getting bags that have vivid colors online and then when you get them they are on the dull side.
  8. Looks like the small version is the Saddle Bag 18 and it's on Macy's site now.

    They only have black, navy, and saddle color, but two of the pics are the pretty blue color! :smile:
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  9. Oh yay! Thanks for posting. I was waiting. Now when is that pretty blue coming out?!?
  10. That's unfair - showing the pretty blue but not selling it! It looks really small. I don't think I can fit my wallet in it since it is only 7 1/4 inches long.
  11. I've noticed Macy's site frequently uses photos if a bag in a color they never get. Odd. I'm with you...had hoped that it would be a bit longer so I could keep my regular wallet. No go for me.
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  12. It is a small bag for sure but would be great when you don't need much. I tried my phone in the back slip pocket and it would not fit horizontally, just vertically which would work but not as secure. I have an iPhone 7 (not plus) with a slim Kate Spade case.
  13. I agree about the blue! Good thing I carry small wallets.

    I wonder if they will add the blue color.

    Oh the back pocket doesn't fit your phone? Hmmm.
  14. If fits but not sideways, it's up and down and about a third of the phone sticks out the top of the pocket if that makes sense. It's workable but it's definitely not fully in the pocket.
  15. Ah gotcha. Too bad it doesn't fit horizontally. What about the front open pocket? Same thing as back pocket?