New Love Pieces

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  1. They brought all these pieces into the Atlanta boutique as week, the XL is a cuff, also have the XL ring and the leather bracelet. They did not have the screwdriver necklaces and didn’t mention if they would be bringing it back or not! Hope this helps, these should be arriving in all boutiques soon if Atl already has them
  2. Hi. I had the leather one - loved the look of it but I sold it as I wore it on the last hole as my wrists are small and it didn’t have a loop to put the extra leather through.
  3. I saw XL love on US site, but is it one size? If so my lust will dissipate....
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    This small 6 diamonds LOVE looks nice for stacking...I love the XL cuff more though:smile:
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  6. 56EA326B-411B-45FA-9F87-7C3016A4FF62.png Love cuff XL is amazing. When I sell this classic Love I just bought I’m getting it. Sick of the screws issue
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  7. I like the classic regular cuff. This thick version seems too masculine.
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  8. I'm not sure how I feel about the XL ...
  9. I like the classics motif size, this seems larger and more obvious(or artificial). It looks like the size of two classics together but with giant motifs. Depends on how you wear it I guess.
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  11. Oh okay. I see. Thank you.
  12. Sparkledoll posted a great pic of the new XL cuff. [​IMG]
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  13. I don’t like XL stacked. Maybe on its on? Or maybe with a thinn love?
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  14. Funny but I'm not liking the XL love at all now seeing it in pics. It looks "cheap". Maybe it would look better on a guy.
    The regular love and even the thin one are so much nicer.
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