New Love Pieces

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  1. I’m loving the XL
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  2. Same here. :drinks::girlsigh::love:
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  3. It’s gorgeous. I want one and I’m not even a jewelry person lol
  4. Not sure I’d like IRL, but as I like large watch faces, think I’d like it. Not in my future though.
  5. My issue with the XL is that the proportions look almost comical to me. It's like when Rolex redid the 36mm Day Date in a 41mm and the bezel looked like a dinner plate. They later modified it to a 40mm that was more streamline. I'm also not a huge fan of the thin love, so maybe I'm just not the target audience for either ...
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  6. I could totally see myself wearing the wg leather bracelet!
  7. Would love to see more mod shots of the XL cuff
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  9. I saw the XL cuff when I visited New Bond Street last week. I thought it would look huge and too masculine, but it was gorgeous! It’s not something that I would purchase at the moment and I definitely wouldn’t want to stack it, but as a stand-alone statement piece I think it would be great even on my tiny wrists!

    I guess if you’re used to the regular size or thin it will look huge, but if you compare it to a lot of other cuffs or bracelets (Tiffany bone cuff or Hermes clic H for instance) then this is really not that big. Also I’ve always found my regular cuff so comfortable so assuming this is the same would be a pleasure to wear.
    No photos at the moment, but when I go back to collect my bracelet which is being engraved I’ll try to get a pic :smile:
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